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Creating exception for password change policy

Every so often SalesForce requires a password change, as a result of a security policy. This is great, but for an account that is also used to connect applications to SF it creates some administrative hassle.  Is there a way to create an exception for an account for this password change requirement?

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How do I disable password expiration for a user?

Knowledge Article Number: 104923


How do I disable password expiration for a user?


System Administrators can disable password expiration in two ways:

1. For all users:

Administration Setup | Security Controls | Password Policies

2. User Profile.

In each case, multiple users may be affected which is not recommended for security purposes. If a particular user needs to have password expiration disabled, a new profile specific for that user will need to be created using the steps below:

1. Open the profile associated to the user that needs password expiration disabled.

2. Click on the 'Clone' button to create an identical profile to the user's current profile.

3. Once the new profile has been created, edit the profile and check the 'Password Never Expires' option under the Administrative Permissions section.

4. Save the profile.

5. Edit the user record and associate the user to the newly created profile.

In the end, the user will have the same profile as before except with the password expiration set to never expire.


**Note** If you wish all users of the profile to be exempt from the password expiration process, simply edit the existing profile and select the the appropriate checkbox.