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find end of month

On a current project where I'm getting current month to date data, ever day.

I then load it into SFDC.  I soon realized I'm unable to run a report to get a Month End numbers over the current year.  This is because it would take all of Jan daily loads and summeriz them.  What I needed was to identify how to calculate what day is the end of the month.

I found this answer by googling, and after a bit of filtering.. and came across this post by Salesforce Made Easy, author Zishan Razzaq.  

I was able to take his formula for finding the last day of the month, then compare that against my daily transaction date to tell me if that is the last record for the month, ie giving me my total month end date.

From there I can run a report to show any of those dates which equals end of the month, and the current transaction date.  Thanks Zishan!
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Pete FifePete Fife
can I answer myself?

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Pete FifePete Fife
can I answer myself?
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