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Ned StaeblerNed Staebler 

outlook plugin causes my outlook window to 'always be on top'

How do I fix that?
Mamoon HajjaMamoon Hajja
Could you post a screenshot of that, I am not clear on your question, thank you.
Ned StaeblerNed Staebler
- User-added image

Here you can see the main 'inbox' window on top of the newly created message window. The inbox window stays in front/on top of all other windows (except task manager) unless it is minimized. Which means, to send an email, you must open a message window and minimize the inbox. Simmilarly, when the inbox is open, it is impossible to look at a browser window  or a word doc, or spreadsheet, etc...
Mamoon HajjaMamoon Hajja
Does this also happen on other machines/computers?
Ned StaeblerNed Staebler

I don't know. I only have one computer.

BTW- if I disable the SF add-in in Outlook, it functions normally.

Mamoon HajjaMamoon Hajja
I'm sorry, I'm can't think of why it would do that honestly :( Have you logged a case with SalesForce Support?
Ned StaeblerNed Staebler
Nope. Thanks.
Julius Caesar NuguitJulius Caesar Nuguit
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