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Tim CharlesworthTim Charlesworth 

Why Are Salesforce Email Reports so ugly and don't display graphs?

  • The graph isn't displayed in the email or in the clickable html page link
  • They ration report scheduling times? I want all my reports to go out the same time!
Any ideas to make this data at least look nice. The dates are all next to each other with no spaces in between the columns.
Brad GrossBrad Gross
can you send out a dashboard instead of individual reports? that would handle much of this..
Steve MolisSteve Molis
I'm pretty sure that Scheduled Reports are pooled throughout all of SFDC, so it's done to distribute the load on the queue.  If everyone could schedule all of their report to run at 8:00 AM on Monday morning there would be a crunch.  

As far as the formatting goes, you're at the mercy of your email system and how it chooses to display the report from SFDC.  For that reason, I test every emailed report on my SFDC and edit the emailed version of the report by showing/hiding details, moving columns, etc. for readability.   

As @ImpStout suggested, if you want the charts you can create a Dashboard an schedule that for email delivery. 

Tim CharlesworthTim Charlesworth
Thanks for the suggestions.

The dashboard sounds like a compromise.

When I schedule a Google Analytic report email, it PDFs it and copies all graphics and data which works great.It would be good to see SF do something similar.

The report is split into three parts because SF can't present the data in the graph correctly, so they each have to be sent out once every hour which is a bit sad. Google can push all plenty of email reports on the fly any time.