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Jonathan FarrowJonathan Farrow 

Permission for notes and transfers

I am looking to set up permission so that sales folks can add notes, view doc in all accounts,  all leads and all quotes( In otherword, those they do not own)

However, would like to make sure they can not delete all notes, all docs,  all quotes especially ones they do not own.)

Any sugestions on settings would be helpful.

Also, in setting up the above, want to make sure they do not gain too much permission such that they can transfer leads, accounts etc that are not their own..

Rakesh GuptaRakesh Gupta
If user have atleast edit permission on record  then only he can able to add file.


Not without maybe a Visualforce page. Notes & Attachments related list cannot be customized and there is no CRUD settings for them as they are not typical objects like Accounts, Contacts, etc.
Notes&Attachments can be more trouble than they are worth (not accessible via Reports, Formulas, WFR, etc.)  
A lot of Admins get rid of them completely and replace them with custom fields (like Rich Text) or a custom object.

It Depends on your sharing settings. If you are all at the same level in the organization hierarchy, or if you are below the person who owns the notes in the hierarchy then you will not be able to see them. If you are above the owner of the notes in the hierarchy then you will be able to view them. Sharing rules give you the ability to view and edit other users records that are either above you or at the same level in the hierarchy.

Available in: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

You can add an attachment to the Attachments related list of a case, solution, campaign, task, or event, or to the Notes and Attachments related list of an account, contact, lead, opportunity, or custom object. If you don't see the related list on task or event page layouts, you may need to ask your administrator to add it.

  1. Click Attach File.
  2. Select Browse to specify the location and name of the file.
  3. Click Attach File to upload the file.
  4. Select Done after the file finishes uploading.
  • You need permission to edit a record in order to add an attachment to it.
  • The size limit for an attached file is 5 MB, including a file attached to a solution. The size limit for all files attached to an email is 10 MB.
  • If the Disallow HTML documents and attachments security setting is enabled for your organization, you cannot upload files with the following file extensions: .htm, .html, .htt, .htx, .mhtm, .mhtml, .shtm, .shtml, .acgi. HTML attachments are not permitted on solutions, regardless of whether this security setting is enabled. In addition, this setting does not affect attachments on email templates; HTML attachments on email templates are always permitted.

After a file is attached to the Attachments or Notes and Attachments related list, you can click View All to view the details of all the attachments on the related list. Note that the View All button only displays when there are records to view.

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Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
To add notes and attachments, the user needs Read/Write access on the record they are attached to. Permissions on notes and attachments are reflected by the object they are created on. This may or may not be feasible if you need a private sharing model. 

Quotes are completely different than Notes and Attachments. They are a primary object and have object specific permissions. To prevent them from being deleted you can remove the delete permission from their Profile.
Jonathan FarrowJonathan Farrow
You mention creating a rich field for notes... 
can you expand on that thought.... 
Appreciate the comments...
Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
That was a suggestion made by SteveMo some time ago. Basically you create a new Text Area (Rich) field where you can enter notes/comments as needed at the record level (instead of a related list).

Click Your Name > Setup > Customize > Accounts > Fields > New > Text Area (Rich)