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Keith BockmierKeith Bockmier 

Following accounts

I can't see the activity or tasks or anything of accounts that I'm following.  Is it a special report or can I get it to show up in my main dashboard?  Thanks.
Michele HaweMichele Hawe
When you follow a record (e.g. an account) in Salesforce, your chatter feed will include the following:
  • Certain field changes (the administrator can select up to 20 fields on an object to be included in the feed tracking when they are changed)
  • Posts and comments made on the record

Tasks and events related to an account are not part of the Chatter feed.  To see the activies or history of an account you are following, you will need to go to that account record and view the open activities and activity history sections.  You can also click the printable view to see more details than you see on the standard account page.

You could also create a report based on the standard activity report and add filters to narrow the results to those specific accounts you want to monitor.