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oktaviar rahmatoktaviar rahmat 

Reaching 10 reference on object

when i adding a formula that include reference on that, i got this error msg:

You have reached the maximum number of 10 object references on Child

You must remove at least 1 relationship(s) in order to save this Formula Field.

can you help me?

Steve MolisSteve Molis
Unfortunately you have hit an App limit in your formula (just as the rror message indicates).  Can you post the Formula code that you're using and list the object references?  

Which edition of SFDC are you using? 
Nebojsa (Nash) ZgonjaninNebojsa (Nash) Zgonjanin

Roll-up Summary Fieldsare limited by 10 per object
See help for more info.
Salesforce Editions and Limits
Use the following tables to determine the maximum number of items supported in each Salesforce Edition.

Additional Custom Field Limits

The number of custom fields allowed per object varies according to your Salesforce Edition. The maximum number of activities, long text area fields, rich text area fields, relationship fields, and roll-up summary fields varies as well. The following table shows the maximum limits for each custom field type and edition.

Custom Field LimitsPersonal EditionContact ManagerGroup EditionProfessional EditionEnterprise EditionDeveloper EditionUnlimited Edition
ActivitiesNo additional limitNo additional limitNo additional limit20100100100
Long Text Area Fields

There are no limits to the number of rich text area and long text area fields that an object can contain, although your Edition's limit for the total number of custom fields allowed on an object, regardless of field type, applies. Each object can contain a total of 1.6 million characters across long text area and rich text area fields. The default character limit for long text area and rich text area fields is 32,768 characters. A long text area or rich text area field needs to contain at least 256 characters.

Rich Text Area Fields
Relationship FieldsNo additional limit252525252525
Roll-up Summary FieldsNo additional limit101010101010
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
If you contact Salesforce support and ask nicely (i.e. provide a business case for why you need more) they have been known to increase this limit.
Alex Twomey-McLeodAlex Twomey-McLeod
The easiest thing to do is raise a case with Salesforce and get them to increase your limit to 15. Which is the maximum they will raise it to.

​Not a long term solution if you're planning on adding lots more similar fields in the future though.