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Daniel GoldmanDaniel Goldman 

Contact Delete Button

I'm on the "Contact Edit" Page.
There are buttons for "Save", "Save and New", and "Cancel".
Why not a "Delete" button?
I know I can go back to previous menu to delete.
But that's inconvenient.
It seems helpful to have delete button on "Contact Edit" Page.


Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
Daniel, Salesforce does not provid delete functionality while your record is in edit mode. that is because record is not yet saved in database so it cannot be deleted. 

In most cases if you want to delete an existing record then you dont even need to click on Edit and then delete. .
If you want to delete a record which is not being saved and still in edit mode then you can just click will not saved in database.

Steve MolisSteve Molis
The delete buttonm is located on the record details page when the record is in "Read" mode (not Edit)
Daniel GoldmanDaniel Goldman
Thanks for the suggestions. But they really don't answer my question.

"record is not yet saved in database so it cannot be deleted" doesn't
make any sense. Delete button could cancel edit and then delete record.

I already knew you could delete from another menu, what you refer to as
record details page. So that doesn't help. The point is the user (me) should
not need to go looking around to do something as simple as delete.

I may not know (usually don't know) I want to delete until I actually
edit the record. It seems obvious that it's helpful to have a delete
button on "Contact Edit" page. There is easily room for it.

If you want to delete a record which is not being saved and still in edit
mode then you can just click cancel" doesn't help. Cancel is totally
different from delete. I asked about delete.

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
What you're seeing is how the system works today. It isn't possible to delete from the Edit screen.

From a procedural standpoint, can you open the record in View mode instead of Edit mode first? Salesforce has a feature called Inline Editing (if you're an Admin, enable it under Setup > Customize > User Interface and check the box for Enable Inline Editing). This will allow you to, from View mode, double click on any editable field, change the value, and save the record.

I use inline editing almost exclusively for editing records. Plus, if you're in View mode, you always have the ability to Clone, Delete, etc (or any custom button you might build in the future), while still being able to edit the record via inline editing.

So, if you open the record in View mode, you can see everything, decide if you want to delete it or now, then if you need to make any edits to it, inline edit the fields and save the record. What about this process?

If you want to post an idea for how you'd like to see the product changed, the Idea Exchange is the place to post. Salesforce actively sources ideas from the community on how to enhance the product:
Daniel GoldmanDaniel Goldman
Yes, I can open in View Mode first. But it seems pretty simple to
add a delete button to Edit Mode. And it removes a click and a
screen refresh. Add that up, and in the long run it saves lots of time.

You're suggesting to never use edit mode. I didn't know about the
double-clicking in View Mode. I tried it. Edit Mode seems simpler
than having to double-click so much. And Edit mode is designed
to edit. View Mode is designed to View. Why not just add a delete
button? What's the big problem?

Thanks for directing me to IdeaForum.