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Arumbakam SnehaArumbakam Sneha 

Impact of Sharing Model on Reports


I am preparing for ADM 201 certification exam. Can someone please help me in understanding what Impact of Sharing Model on Reports mean?

Jon TreskoJon Tresko
The security and sharing rules define what records users are able to see.

For example, if the sharing model is private, then users can only see records they own and records team members below them in the role heirarchy own.

Then, if you have a report that shows all records, the user would only be able to see what they own and their team members own.

If the Sharing model is Public Read only, or public view/edit, the same report would allow the user to see all records, regardless of who the owner is...

Does that help?
Marko LamotMarko Lamot

it means that report will always show only the records user has access to.
Therefore two different users with different access rights will see different results nevertheless they will run the same report.
Marko Lamot, 
Agilcon, SF Implementation & Consulting, EU
Arumbakam SnehaArumbakam Sneha
Hello Jon and Marko,

Thanks for your inputs.
This was really helpful!

Jon TreskoJon Tresko
No prob. It would help both of us by marking our answers as helpful/best. Thanks!

Good Teamwork, Marko!
Vinícius AndradeVinícius Andrade
Thank you a lot. I'm preparing my self for admin exam too.