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Vimal DesaiVimal Desai 

Due Date not available in Reports


I am trying to create a report on "Tasks and Events" and I am unable to find "Due Date" field. Only field available is "Date". Attached is the screenshot of what I see when I try to create a report on Tasks.

Customer wants "Due Date" field to be available too for creating a tasks report. I wonder, "Due Date" being a standard field not available in the reports fields panel is too strange.

Note : Field Level Security is set to visible for all profiles including System Admin.

Please advise.



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Steve MolisSteve Molis

FieldFolder >

Activity Information:  

Date = "The Activity Due Date"

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Vimal DesaiVimal Desai
That is strange. Customer wants "Due Date" as the field label.

Anyways, I will check with them and see if they can live with it. Workaround can be to create formula to populate the same in report, but does not sound too elegant a solution.

Anyways, thanks Steve, as always.
Maria BelliMaria Belli
You can rename the field label by going to:

Setup, click Customize | Tab Names and Labels | Rename Tabs and Labels. Click Edit next to Activities, click Next, then on the following page you have the option to change Date to Due Date.
Vimal DesaiVimal Desai
Yep, I know that Maria. But I think renaming it will affect "Date" field usage in Event object too?

I think "Date" is a common field in both objects?
Maria BelliMaria Belli
Hi Vimal, yes, that is correct. In Events it is called Date and in Tasks it is called Due Date but the fieldname for both is ActivityDate.
Vimal DesaiVimal Desai
Ok, thanks Maria.
David SedlakDavid Sedlak
@Vimal - Same request from my users, to have it be displayed as "Due Date" on the Report, rather than just "Date".  I will advise they'll have to live w it, as I'd like to have a more compelling case to rename the field on this this request alone, (as it is shared by other objects/use cases).