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Jackie TraviesoJackie Travieso 

Reports & Dashboards: 4 column display

Today's challenge:

On a 4 column dashboard component:
1. Display owner name
2. Display record count
3. Display sum for field A
4. Display sum for field B

Dashboard error:
User-added image

User-added image
Is 5 the max number of formula fields allowed in a report?

Report Chart:
This only allows for one sum (I need to show both MRR & NRR)
User-added image

Dashboard Componenet Editor
User-added image

Am I asking too much? Any help/guidence is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Ruth MargolisRuth Margolis
Two questions, have you summed both amounts?   Have you added all of the elements to the chart on the report?

I haven't gone through the Spring 12 updates, but in the past when I tried to do 2 summed fields and record count, it was an either or proposition (either record count, or the sums).
Jackie TraviesoJackie Travieso
Yes, both amounts are summed in the first screenshot above.

I can't seem to add all of the elements to the chart.I have to choose between the MRR or NRR sum amounts.

Ruth MargolisRuth Margolis

Before the latest release you couldn't combine Record Count with summed totals.

I'm going to the User Group meeting next week to see if that changes with the Spring release.  So I don't know, but maybe SteveMo does.