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vinod kumarvinod kumar 

how to create a junction object?

i'am trying to create the many to many relationship between two objects.First i'am created father object.then next i'am created one child object.i'am selected master detail relationship between the objects.then next what i need to do for creating the many to many relationship?

G.vinod Kumar.   
Chris O DaviesChris O Davies
To create the junction object:
  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Create | Objects.
  2. Click New Custom Object.
  3. In the custom object wizard, consider these tips specifically for junction objects:
    • Name the object with a label that indicates its purpose, such as BugCaseAssociation.
    • For the Record Name field, it is recommended that you use the auto-number data type.
    • Do not launch the custom tab wizard before clicking Save. Junction objects do not need a tab.
Check out the documentation on how to create Junction Object in Salesforce
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
A many-to-many relationship consists of three objects: Object A and Object B are the two primary objects, and Object J is the junction that enables the many to many.

Object A  <--M/D--  Object J  --M/D--> Object B

So on Object J you need to create two Master-Detail relationships, one that points to Object A and one that points to Object B.