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Lisa FrankLisa Frank 

Chatter and Cases

I heard that the ability to Edit Records while in Chatter is in development. 
Is there anything being looked at that would allow you to create a Case from a Chatter Post?   This would be a big win for us.
Bill GreenhawBill Greenhaw
I haven't heard of this. But head up to Ideas and post that one. Might get some traction.

Right now you have two choices.

1) You can develop something yourself using APEX that would do this.


2) Zapier claims that have this right now -
Amit GuptaAmit Gupta
Hi Lisa,

This functionality is not available at this moment. I would sugegst you to post an Idea for the same in Idea Exchange so that we can get it implemented in next release.

Link of Idea Exchange is:

Amit Gupta