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Danny EsquivelDanny Esquivel 

Restrict user visibility to other users

We have a Salesforce organization for our company. In our company we have users by department and between both they should not be able to see any data within each other, we know we can acomplish this by using roles functionality, but this will only apply for data in the org.
What we need is to restrict users in one profile to see users in another profile, this includes chatter people, and users that appear in the search box when, for example, adding invitees in a calendar event or for example when changing the owner in a record. When users use this they should only be able to see or search the users in their own profile and not the users of the entire organization.
Our company is very restricted in security manner and we don't want users on one department to see users in salesforce that work for another department. Any ideas on how can we restrict user visibility in Salesforce?
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha

you can leverage lookup filters on owner, and other lookup (user) fields and put a condition in filter which will return no result for users when they try to search for users...but they users will still able to fetch other users through global search.

I cannot think of any feature or control which allow you to completely restrict accessibilty to user object records. You may want to open a case with and seek their recommendation.
Junrey SevillaJunrey Sevilla
is this possible? i also need this
Santhi CSanthi C
You could ask for your salesforce contact person to enable "Private" sharing(OWD) for Users in ur Org
Santhi CSanthi C
OWD "Private" for User Object seems to be available as per this Video
Satheeskumar IyasamySatheeskumar Iyasamy
Medardo NavaMedardo Nava
In the winter 14 release there is a feauter that allow you to make users private. User Sharing page 234 of the release notes
Ted PincasTed Pincas
With Winter'14 Release, you can now setup your Organization Wide Defaults to Private for the object User. This will unable to set up the relevant "silos" with Role Hierachies and open up further visibility, if you need to, with Sharing Rules (as with any other type of object)

As your organization was provided by before the Winter'14 release, you will need to open a Case for Salesforce to Activate this new functionality.
Vijay MistryVijay Mistry
You made my day !!!
went to Sharing Setting > Users 
Changed it from Public Read Only to Private