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Ofer GalOfer Gal 

How to get my company's WSDL file

the page


To download a WSDL file when logged into Salesforce:

1. Click Setup | Customize | Develop | API

2. Click the link to download the appropriate WSDL.

3. Save the file locally, giving the file a ".wsdl" extension.


But I do not see "Develop" under Customize

Any Ideas?
Aiden MartinAiden Martin
Setup...App Setup...Develop...API

Ofer GalOfer Gal
Setup...App Setup...Develop...API only shows me a link to apexapi
Aiden MartinAiden Martin
Which version of salesforce are you using.   You'll need Professional or higher.  And do you have "Customize Application" permissions?


Downloading Salesforce WSDLs and Client Authentication Certificates

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Developer, and Editions

User Permissions Needed
To download a WSDL: “Customize Application”

You can download a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document to integrate your applications with Salesforce using the API.

The following WSDLs are available:
  • Enterprise WSDL - Use this WSDL document to build an integration for a single organization.The enterprise WSDL is strongly typed, which means that it contains objects and fields with specific data types, such as int and string. Customers who use the enterprise WSDL document must download and re-consume it whenever their organization makes a change to its custom objects or fields or whenever they want to use a different version of the API.
  • Partner WSDL - Use this WSDL to build an integration that can work across multiple Salesforce organizations, regardless of their custom objects or fields. Typically partners and ISVs use this WSDL. It is loosely typed, which means that you work with name-value pairs of field names and values instead of specific data types. The partner WSDL document only needs to be downloaded and consumed once per version of the API.
  • Apex WSDL - Use this WSDL to run or compile Apex in another environment. See the Apex Code Developer's Guide for details.
  • Metadata WSDL - Use this WSDL to to migrate configuration changes between organizations or work with the customizations in your organization as XML metadata files. See the Metadata API Developer's Guide for details.

To download a WSDL document:

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Develop | API.
  2. Download the appropriate WSDL:
    • If you are downloading an enterprise WSDL and you have managed packages installed in your organization, click Generate Enterprise WSDL. Salesforce prompts you to select the version of each installed package to include in the generated WSDL.
    • Otherwise, right-click the link for the appropriate WSDL document to save it to a local directory. In the right-click menu, Internet Explorer users can choose Save Target As, while Mozilla Firefox users can choose Save Link As.
  3. On your computer, import the local copy of the WSDL document into your development environment.
You can also select the default package versions without downloading a WSDL in the Package Version Settings section.

Optionally, you can download a certificate to authenticate organizations. Use this certificate for workflow outbound messaging. This certificate is meant to identify that the request is coming from, not a specific user. If you want to use certificates to ensure secure connections using other Salesforce features, such as Apex callouts, use Salesforce certificates and key pairs.

Click Your Name | Setup | Develop | API, and on the WSDL Download page, right-click Download Client Certificate and save it to an appropriate location. You can then import the downloaded certificate into your application server, and configure your application server to request the client certificate.

parimala tekiparimala teki
im not getting wsdl download page .im getting integrate page in setup|develop|API.please help me.that how to download wsdl