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Tyler SutherlandTyler Sutherland 

Automatically importing leads from external lead generation websites

I pay for leads from an external lead generation website...

I am wondering if there is way or an application available out there that will somehow allow me to capture those leads from their dashboard and automatically import them in to my salesforce.

I have already inquired with them to determine if they have already created a way for those leads to be brought in to SalesForce.... They do not have that functionality built in to their system yet.

These are not leads generated from my own personal website - rather a 3rd party website. 

How can I get them in to my salesforce automatically rather than manually inputting all the information.


Keith WallaceKeith Wallace
Depending upon your edition of SFDC and the Lead Generation site's options... you could export the Leads into a .csv and use the Data Loader to import them.  Or the Import Wizard for Leads. 

As in add the Leads in batches -- like weekly. 

Tyler SutherlandTyler Sutherland
RIght... I am aware of that... I am jut trying to get to point that it is all happening real time... Rather than waiting a day at a time to get the leads in..

If the cmapaigns start immediately after thier inquiry and my task to phone them pop up immediately, then I have a much higher conversion rate...

So I am looking for a way to automate it.

Keith WallaceKeith Wallace
The Data Loader can do automatic processes. Whether this will can work with
your Lead Generation site, no idea.
Keith WallaceKeith Wallace
This may be the easy answer - if your Lead Generation tool can send out
email alerts when it has a new Lead:

This Innovative solution captures emails sent to your Company's mailboxes
and creates Leads from it, helping you generate new sales and more revenue,
reduces loss of potential customers and improves productivity.

The App Exchange probably has more, possibly better, solutions.
Sheejo GeorgeSheejo George
Hi Tyler,

Absolutely, there is a tool called AeroLeads ( which is integrated with many CRM like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsales etc. you may test the software by signing up for the free trial.
Sascha WeberSascha Weber
try dataloader
Sascha WeberSascha Weber
or jitterbit