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Noam DamriNoam Damri 

Salesforce for outlook problem - Outlook window opens behind

We have recently implemented Salesforce for outlook in our company, and everything works just fine except for one issue that makes the user experience very very annoying.
What is it?
Everytime you open "new email" OR new appoitment OR clicking an existing meeting in order to view the details than the new window opens BEHIND the outlook window.
It basically means the user presses "new email" and doesnt see any popup window --> than they minimize outlook and discover the new message.
IT IS NOT an OUTLOOK Problem but a problem with the add in of salesforce.
I have tried this solution:

but it wasnt helpful.
Please advice!!

Thank you!
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
I have not ever seen this issue relating to Salesforce for Outlook. If you uninstall it from an affected computer, do the windows open normally?
Mark ThomsonMark Thomson
We've had at least two users complain about this... 
Austin SimmonsAustin Simmons
I am experiencing the same exact thing!!!
Kenneth NewardKenneth Neward
Did you ever resolve this issue?  We are experiencing the same problem with everyone who is using Outlook 2010.
Brenda GoettlerBrenda Goettler
Did anyone find a fix for this issue?  We are constantly having this issue
Kenneth NewardKenneth Neward
The only solution we've found is to close and reopen Outlook.  The problem is sporadic so we live with it.
Michael StelterMichael Stelter
I and three others in my company have the problem. Closing and reopening Outlook is not a solution because it comes back after some time. It is very enoying! I had to uninstall saslesforce for outlook. Please let me know when I can reinstall it!
Peter SchlosserPeter Schlosser
This problem affects many Add-Ins and in a company of 100's of users, affects one or two.  In my opinion, it isn't the fault of the Add-in, but other factors affecting Outlook.  In the two cases I've seen in the year 2013, both installations invovevd Outlook 2010 32-bit installs on Windows 7 64-bit desktops.  Cycling the lock status of the Windows Task Bar and restarting the workstation corrects the problem.
Madena HansonMadena Hanson
My company recently started using the add-on and this is happening to several of us as well.
Sandy DolanSandy Dolan
A Known Issue ( is logged and is now being worked on. Support advised us to upgrade Outlook to 2013 and the issue should be fixed.