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Lindsay RyanLindsay Ryan 

Moving approval processes between instances.

I have developed an application that requires several Approval Process' to handle the approval of forms after they are submitted. On deployement, I realize that these processes do not move with the rest of the application. I have tried everything to get them included in a change set, including re deploying the entire application. However I have yet to determine how to acheive this deployement successfully. 

Without the approval processes my application serves no purpose, and we have  a three tier development scheme at my company. I develop the app in my personal sandbox, then it is moved to the test sandbox, and finally production. In production we developers do not have access to create approval processes, or anything. This is a deliberate situation our company has put us in to prevent the production instance from getting mangled with us developers trying to make changes. There is no plan to change the way we manage our deployment process, and therefore it is very important that I am able to include the approval processes in my change set.

Pleeeeeease pleeease can you help me understand how I can get the approval processes moved from our test instance to production, Whether through the Eclipse plug in, or some other method. I have spent months working on this project, and it is about to be left behind because without the approvals, it is of no value to anybody.
Mausam SinghMausam Singh
Lindsay, You can use Eclipse plugin to get this job done, but just was curious to know if you are following correct steps to upload these change sets into your sandbox, for example all the email alerts and field updates have to be uploaded first before uploading an approval process.

Varun Nagpal
KVP Business Solutions

Lindsay RyanLindsay Ryan
Hello Varun,

Thank you very much for your response! I did not realize that all email alerts and field updates must be uploaded first, however they are already uploaded. Do you know of a resource that can help me use the eclipse plugin to bring these up? Or are you saying that once the dependencies exist in production, the approval process will transfer with the application to production in a regular change set?
Nebojsa (Nash) ZgonjaninNebojsa (Nash) Zgonjanin
Unfortunately you need to manualy recreate approval processes.
Approval processes are not supported yet.

see this idea:


Lindsay RyanLindsay Ryan
Thank You both for your assistance, it is very frustrating not to have this feauture standard. The thread I was directed to is two years old, you two have been very helpfull but apparently Salesforce just does not understand that this functionality is more than a requirement for orgs like mine. I am going to have to convert all of my work to workflow rules...
Nebojsa (Nash) ZgonjaninNebojsa (Nash) Zgonjanin
Instead of converting evrithing create document for defining approval process and keep as part of installation guide.

Use it to move from instance to instance.

Phil WaltonPhil Walton
Just looking for a resolution to this too, and have found this Approval Process Idea that needs our votes...
Sushumna MuluguSushumna Mulugu
Currently the IDE Version: Summer '14 (31.0.0) has capability to retrieve the Approval process xml and also deploy the same between Salesforce instances. (Sandboxes and Prod).

Here is how it looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ApprovalProcess xmlns="">
        <label>Step 1</label>
            <value>0 - Pending budget approval</value>
    <label>Budget Approval</label>

Hope this gives an idea on how we are able to deploy approval processes.