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Brian DoBrian Do 

Use Site to build eCommerce

I want to build a C2C eCommerce web sites.  I was thinking about using sites and some standard objects for my database architecture to house data.  Those are Accounts, Contact, Contract, Products, Attachment & Document, Opprtunities.  This eCommerce site will also need a shopping cart, and potentially integration to PayPal payment systems (or Amazaon or Google)

The site will allow intensive search into Accounts and Products.  I also want to allow customer to sign up and create/manage accounts and products.

I want to be able to attach images describing a product into each product.  Mostly two images for each product: one for thumbnail and one for larger when they click on it.  What is the best way to attach images to product?  Can I utilize Attachment to store images?

If I create a custom object, can I refererence to Attachement and Document?


Joseph UcuzogluJoseph Ucuzoglu
 Hi Brian

Lots of ways you can make this happen. The most important question is do you intend to have a Salesforce license for everyone who utilizes this system?

If not then for the front end you will want to make use of Salesforce Sites. In order to store the images within Salesforce and access them via the web you have a few options, one is to use Salesforce Document type and then make it public. There is a URL that is associated with the document asset which will allow it to be displayed.

But all that said I think you should leverage a 3rd party app that has already figured out these tough questions and implimentations for you. For example take a look at this App Exchange product.

Brian DoBrian Do
Thank you
Kinetic GrowthKinetic Growth
Hi Brian

If you are still looking for an integrated eCommerce solution, Venue is a native eCommerce app that’s built entirely on the Salesforce platform.

Online stores built with Venue are fully integrated with Salesforce – you’ll use the same products, prices, accounts, contacts, etc. and all your sales and transactions are stored in the Salesforce database.  

Venue is “enterprise-level” eCommerce in that it is a full-featured eCommerce solution – you can fully customize your eCommerce website, process credit card and PayPal payments, get integrated tax and shipping modules, and advanced product management and discounting features.  

You can learn more from the Venue website:

And from the Venue AppExchange listing:

In the interests of full disclosure, this post is by Kinetic Growth, the company that makes Venue.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
Fasihur RahmanFasihur Rahman
Hello, Brain!
Hope you are doing well!

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