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Craig lamorgeseCraig lamorgese 

Are you able to use offline mode on a PC ( laptop )

I have a sales rep who need to log his accounts via his laptop. I aware of the blackberry and Ipad features but dont see to see anyting regarding a laptop.. Please advise 

James GarfieldJames Garfield
Hi Craig,
If you are on Enterprise Edition or higher there is a feature that will allow you to access records whilst not accessing your Salesforce org. If you are on professional edition you can access the offline records but for an additional fee.

>Setup>Personal Setup >Desktop Integration> Connect Offline

There you can access and setup your 'Briefcase'. It basically allows you to create records and do everything you could whilst online but when you reestablish a connection, those records are created for you in your live Salesforce Org.
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Best of luck!
Anitha ChavvaAnitha Chavva
Hi I installed offline mode in my local PC ,After login it is showing the error,User-added image

If we want to perform any operation (Like creating new recors) it is showing the error :
User-added image