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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb 

Files vs. Content - Looking for best practice advice

We're making an initiative to put a lot of our shared documents in Salesforce. We tried looking at Wikiforce from the AppExchange, but it was too buggy. Content seems to be the place to go, with each topic becoming a Workspace, then the documents going in there.

I'm a little confused at how Content differs from Files (from within Chatter), can anyone tell me?

Can anyone point me to any documentation or best practices around Content and Workspaces?
Simone SchmuddeSimone Schmudde
Hi Matthew - we're in the same boat as you... planning to upload hundreds of shared files to Salesforce Content, which we want to link to Products and Opportunities, so I am curious on answers you will get from others - sorry to not post with an answer (hopefully someone out there will have some advice). 

I would add one more part to that question: Files vs Content vs Google Docs?

I'm getting a little confused by other ways people handle their files...also along 'best practices'. Not so much about what the features are with each app, but which is the best way to upload & manage files, link to SF Objects, have email deliverability w/links (not attachments), while keeping storage limits as low as possible.

My org isn't interested in using Chatter, so that means we won't have "Files" as an option. I'm looking into using Google Docs to store the files and then link them through Salesforce Content, but haven't activated Google Apps yet (not sure if this is a free feature in Salesforce?). Sounds like it gets expensive when you have to add more data storage to your Salesforce account, especially if it's based on # users in your org rather than total storage for org. I could have misunderstood, but that's part of the info overload on researching these areas.  I don't want to go with one practice, only to find out later there was a better way to do this, especially if it means handling over 1500 files.  Hope someone has some great advice out there! :)
David McDermottDavid McDermott
Matthew - let me apologize for the length of my response.....

I've never been able to find a good comparison document either; the two are more similar with each release but still have some pretty significant differences.

Both allow users to access via Chatter for posts and contain features like upload new version and and preview content.

The sharing model varies in that Files is based on how it is shared at the record level (either in a public or private group, or on the record itself) while Content is determined by the sharing settings of the Library the content is associated to.

Tags are also a differentiator - the only exist in Content.  Our organization doesn't use them very effectively so that's not a big issue for us.

The way they link to another record also varies. Neither behave in the traditional object model for related information, although Files is the closest.  Content requires you to add the Related Content related list, but it's really hard for the users to understand how the search and association functionality work.   With Files it's just uploaded via the Chatter feed on that object (although, that requires that the object be enabled for Chatter).  

Content has good additional features like presentation builder and content deliveries, both of which are really useful and don't exist in Files.

We've narrowed it down for our users this way:  If you're creating a library of information that people will reference then use Content & Libraries.  If you're sharing information that is specific to a group or a point in time, Files is appropriate.
Eric VoorheisEric Voorheis

Matthew - I just came across a program on the AppExchange  that looks like it offers a good way to store and retrieve documents outside of SalesForce that maybe worth a look.  It is called FTP Attachments™

Julia WhiteheadJulia Whitehead
Can someone tell me if this information is still valid or has it changed at all since 4 Jan 2012? There still appears to be too much overlap between files, content and documents, knowledge, thanks.