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Anthony RoyAnthony Roy 

Search not returning all objects - just Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities

One of our users has reported an issue with the Search.  It only returns Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities that contain the text string when using the Search bar at the top of the screen:

User-added image

When using this Search, the Records returned only include Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.  To view Leads in the results, for example, the user has to click "Seach All" in the left column.  All my other users don't have to to this, their Records column looks like this:
User-added image

Laura BellLaura Bell
Your search results include items and tags that you have permission to view. Global search keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them, and arranges the search results accordingly. Search results for the objects you use most frequently appear at the top of the list.If global search doesn’t have enough information about which objects you use, you see results for your previous saved scope or for all objects until it has more information.
Francis PindarFrancis Pindar
Can they access all the other records? Its not a permissions thing? Search for something that works on the other persons account then check they can load that record up by forwarding them the URL.

Seems a bit odd..
Anthony RoyAnthony Roy
Discovered the issue. 

The new Search in SFDC has changed to limit search results to recent items, unless you specifically tell it to return other Record types.
For example:  If a user's recent work in Salesforce has been limited to viewing only Contacts, Accounts and Leads, then the user searches for “Best Buy”; only Contacts, Accounts and Leads that contain the text string “Best Buy” will be returned in search results.  Opportunities, Contracts, etc. containing “Best Buy” will not be returned in the user's search results by default.
The user can expand the search results to include more Record types by clicking on “Search All” in the lower left corner in the search results screen.  Alternatively, the user can pin their desired Record types to be returned in all searches.

IMO, this is a poor design for Search, particularly when a new user is added to the Org.  They will not have had recent activity in all Record types and will miss out on search results for a while (unless we take the additional step to pin these Record types for them during set up). 

This does not scale for a growing Org.
Laura BellLaura Bell
You should submit this to Salesforce or post an idea for an enhancement feature to the global search.
Ming MartinMing Martin
Hi Good day. Is there a specific reason why the objects are listed that way when you do search?
User-added image

The list differ from each user. And is there a way we can track how the objects are listed for each user without logging in for each user??
Matthew AlcideMatthew Alcide
They allow you to "pin" the ones you want to search by. When you click "Search All," be sure to go to the Record Types you want the search to yield and "pin" it.