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Terry SmithTerry Smith 

Is there any video content that shows you how to create a template email signatu

I have to say the the template concept to use for email signature is the most diffucult i have come across.

Salesforce support sent me instructions:

To include an image (e.g. your company logo) in your Salesforce email signature:

1. Load the logo image into the Documents tab.

2. Get the address (URL) of the image:

- Go to the Documents tab.
- Select the folder in which the image is located.
- Click Go
- "View" the logo image
- Locate the URL Address (URL) in the search engine address bar
- Copy the complete address

3. Enter the link to the image in the users email signature:

- Go to Setup ¦ Personal Setup ¦ Email ¦ My Email Settings
- Enter the path to the image in the Signature box enclosed in HTML tags as follows
<img src=” enter image address here “>
For example:
<img src="">

3. Save.

I have done all this and i cant copy the html code into the limited amount of text 1333 characters  why suggest this if its not going to work?

Does any one have a solution or a video on how to setup a corporated signature for dummies as i am not a programmer, and a newbie to crm but we need this software and we can deploy till i get this issue sorted out.

I appreciate any help
Dean De-ViellDean De-Viell
You seem to be doing everything right Terry.

My image link to use in the signature is:

Make sure you remove the " " from the img source so for me it looks exactly as per the below:

<img src=>

Make sure the image you are using has the 'Externally Available' box ticked otherwise it won't work, click 'Edit Properties' if you need to change this.

Outlook in my office strips out the images which is a pain for testing, your company may do the same so I recommend creating a dummy Contact with a Gmail or Hotmail address you can check and see if it appears there.

Hope this helps.