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Sean IrelanSean Irelan 

How many emails can each sales rep send daily?

My sales reps are inquiring as to how many emails can they send out a day. They are considering doing a few marketing email blasts. I recall seeing 200-500 but I am not sure that is correct based on additional research I am doing on this. What is the cout per rep and what is the count per organization?
Laura BellLaura Bell
there are two maxes:
1. Max # of mass emails sent in a 24 hr period (for the entire organization): 1,000
2. Max # of mass emails sent at one time (varies by edition): PE = 250, EE = 500, UE = 1,000
Sean IrelanSean Irelan
Thank you!
Terry D ButlerTerry D Butler
It's 1000 per user license per day up to a Max 1,000,000, if you search for Salesforce Limits in help then you can see all this information.  If you are using workflow to generate the e-mails then it is the same.  There is a different limit for Apex generated e-mails and I think it may be 1000 per day full stop.
Sean IrelanSean Irelan
Terry - thanks for your feedback...  I saw the info you are refering to but then I have gotten the answer Laura provided from a number of diffrent sources. how are your limits defined? that is to say what types of emails account for the 1000 per license per day? What would be the diffrence between that and an apex email.
Laura BellLaura Bell
I believe Terry's limits are specific to workflow email alerts.

The limits I provided you are for mass emails using the send mass email feature.