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Tom LehmanTom Lehman 

show weekend on scheduler

I frequently schedule calls with colleagues or partners over weekends, but when I try to send a meeting request weekends don't show up on the calendar. I've tried to find a setting that would open up the full week, but without success.

I like the idea of the scheduler and being able to send a few possible times. In Outlook I can just send one, then he might propose a new time that I can't do, etc. etc.

But I need to be able to include weekends. I'm guessing there's a setting, but need help finding it!


Rhonda RossRhonda Ross
This is a current limitation of the scheduler.  Here is an idea that someone already posted to extend it to the full week:  I suggest that you vote for this idea.
Tom LehmanTom Lehman
Thanks for the heads-up, Rhonda. I voted.

I also noted that it really has to show the respondent's time (and day). Since Outlook invites do this (and some others), I think people will assume they are looking at their own time.

I saw a reference in that thread that the invite calendar is based on the work week. Is it not possible for a company to specify a six or seven day work week? That's surprising. Many companies are open on Saturday, for example, and need to make appointments. Many support centers who would need to schedule training or other appointments are open every day.
长安 李长安 李
thank you for answer my question, I saw the answer