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Marina ColeMarina Cole 

Creating a report of Accounts without Contacts?

I need to create a report of accounts without contacts.  I keep seeing references to the fact that its possible, but no real instructions.  I've looked at Custom Report Types, trying to create a summary roll-up that would count the number of contacts, but still haven't found a way to do it.

Any help greatly appreciated!
Matt BrownMatt Brown
I am a little confused. You said you want an Accounts without Contacts report but with a roll-up summary to count the number of Contacts? If you want a simple Accounts Report select the Standard "Active Accounts" Report. That will give you a total of all the Accounts you have in Salesforce.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 Here's a trick you might want to try to make things easier.  

First create a custom field on your Contact Object.

DataType: Formula(Number,0)
Formula: IF(LEN(Id) > 0, 1,0)

Then create a Custom Report Type: Accounts With and Without Contacts
Report Format: Summary
Group By: CustomContactField

In your Report create a Custom Summary Formula: Contact.CustomContactField:SUM

All of your "empty" Accounts should be in the "0 Records Group"

Fred SlaydenFred Slayden
I was able to create a report using accounts and contacts with the following criteria:

Filtered By:(1 AND 2) OR (1 OR 2)   Edit 
   1. First Name equals  
   2. Last Name equals  

This criteria returned to me the list of accounts in our database that have no either no first name and no last name entered or either a first name or a last name missing from their account record.

I was not sure about the other option as it was returning everything as all fields were blank as I do not have anything in that custom field. (I think I was probably missing something.)
Fraser SuyetsuguFraser Suyetsugu
I believe the formula by @SteveMo should be IF(LEN(AccountId) > 0, 1,0). I used that formula and followed the framework that he outlined and got the intended results.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
As usual I over complicated things, you don't even need to evaluate anything.  
Your custom Contact field can simply be.

Datatype: Formula(Number, 0)
Formula: 1