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Alison MorrisAlison Morris 

Unable to view Custom Object

I created a master-detail account custom object.  As I created it, I kept it in development mode, but after I was finished, I deployed the custom object.  As the system admin, I can see it on the account detail page as a related list, but nobody else (standard user) can view it. I'm using PE.  Can someone help me figure out why the rest of my users can't view this custom object?  Thanks for your time.

Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou
Did you grant you user/profile read permission? I think it is default to off.
Second is your user could hide it on the page layout?
Mandy BambenekMandy Bambenek
Was having the exact same problem with a custom object in our sandbox.  Thanks for the help!
Alison MorrisAlison Morris
Thanks! I am unable to check the boxes for the read permission under the Standard User Profile. So I tried to edit a custom profile and it gave me the option to grant the read permission for my custom object. Does the custom object have to be tied to a custom profile??
Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou
Spring 10 Release

page 188.

Spring '10 introduces enhanced security for custom object permissions. In Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions, when you create a custom object, the “Read,” “Create,” “Edit,” “Delete,” “View All,” and “Modify All” permissions for that object are disabled for any profiles in which “View All Data” or “Modify All Data” is disabled.

This ensures that all users don't immediately get full access to custom objects.
You can change these permissions in custom profiles, but not standard profiles. That is, users with standard profiles (except System Administrator) can't access new custom objects—you must assign them custom profiles and edit the profiles.To enable
access to custom objects, do one of the following:
Alison MorrisAlison Morris
Thanks CTU007.  I appreciate the help! 
Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson
Very helpful CTU007...thanks!
Alex AexandrakisAlex Aexandrakis
@ Chuankai Zhou, I can't see the rest of yourpost after 'do one of the folloing:'
Samuel LauSamuel Lau
Thanks Chuankai Zhou.  Your comment should be marked as the answer.