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Sean TisdaleSean Tisdale 

Limit for dashboards run as the logged-in user.

While building new dashboards I encountered this error:

"Error: You reached the limit for dashboards run as the logged-in user."

I have run a report on all the Dashboards currently in use on our system  There are a total of 63 Dashboards - 60 are run as a specified user and the remaining 3 are set to run as the logged-in user. 

Is this correct? Is the limit of "run as" Dashboards really 3?

Matt BrownMatt Brown
Yep it really is 3!

  • Your organization can have up to three dynamic dashboards.
  • You can't schedule refreshes for dynamic dashboards. They must be refreshed manually.
Melissa FrievaltMelissa Frievalt
This has been submitted as an idea under an earlier posting.  Please CLICK HEREto Promote the increase.
Angela MotenAngela Moten
Latest Comment from Salesforce
Thomas Tobin - 6 years ago
New limits are:
5 for Enterprise Edition
10 for Unlimited Edition
just in case you deploy Dashboards with ANT Migration Tool, and run into this error:
Check the <dashboardType> tag in the XML and make sure it's set to "SpecifiedUser".
Even if it is set to "MyTeamUser"  and you specify a <runningUser> tag, it will fail with the described error.
Sandy CampbellSandy Campbell
Melissa Frievalt, the CLICK HERE link in your response does not seem to bring me to the Idea, and when I search for "You reached the limit for dashboards run as the logged-in user",  no Ideas are found...only Questions are found...can you post the link to the idea so we can vote on it again...even 5 or 10 is not enough.

Why are limits applied to so many things that make it difficult to do what we need...?