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Allison RekusAllison Rekus 

Schedule Future Reports - Search for Users does not provide any results

Frist time I have ever used the report scheduler and assumed it would behave the same as it does when scheduling Dashboards. So, I am trying to schedule a report for a weekly run and send to selected users by email ...simple you'd think?!?  When I enter a users name in the search field, and click "Find"  ..nothing happens. I am not able to add other users to email this report to. The only user that appears is me (who is scheduling the report).

I have logged a case with Salesforce, because it appears to be a bug ..but here I am on the community to see if anyone else encountered this issue, and maybe I am missing a step ..but I don't think so.

Schedule Report Issue
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 What are the Sharing Settings on the Folder the Report is in?

Allison RekusAllison Rekus
Ont he folder, Read/Write for "All Internal Users" ...should I then not be able to select individual users when scheduling the report?
Steve MolisSteve Molis
I dunno if this is documented anywhere, but I think the Delivery Options in the Report Scheduler are the same as the Sharing Settings for the Folder the Report is in.  I encounter the same thing when I schedule a Report that is in a Folder visible only to certain Roles it can only be delivered to a Role(s).  If the Report is in a Folder that is accessible to ALL Users then I can select Users for e-mail delivery.
Allison RekusAllison Rekus
I am a noob, and thank you SteveMo ....I just added the roles to which I want to send the report to within the sharing settings of the folder. Went back to schedule the report and voila, they were there.  It seems a bit odd that if if the sharing setting is set to "All Internal Users" that any user, role, etc. that is considered that would not be searchable.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 On my SFDC I don't have an option for "All Internal Users" I only have: 
  • This folder is accessible by all users
  • This folder is hidden from all users
  • This folder is accessible only by the following users: 
    • Public Groups
    • Roles
    • Roles and Subordinates
Charlie WigramCharlie Wigram
Just found this topic. So if I want to schedule a report to one other colleague, I cannot assign folder access to a user so can only add roles or groups to a scheduled report. My only option now is to create a group with that one person in. This could get messy - off to Ideas Now.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
You can schedule the Report for email delivery to an individual User, you just need to make sure that the Folder the Report is located in is accessible by All Users
Bob SmithBob Smith
Withoug using the option that a Report is located in a folder that is accessible to all users how to schedule a report and make sure that one user gets the result through email? In my salesforce edition, I see that "Public Groups" and "Users" option for email Report. I want to send the schedule report result by email to one of my Manager. How to do this? What is this "Public Groups" option used for?
salesforce user87salesforce user87
While selecting Report folder access to specific user we can select only Public Groups, Role and Role and subordinates ( If Territory Mangement is enabled will be having Territories ,Territories and subordinates)

If you want to schedule a report for specific user add that user in a public group and later select the public group
Breno AguiarBreno Aguiar
What Actually happens is that if you setup a whole group to have access to a report folder, you can only schedule  a report to be sent to the WHOLE group and not to individuals in that group. The same applies to a Role. To shcedule reports to be sent to individuals (other than yourself) you need to set the permission to a group or Role that only that person belongs.

I know it sounds weird, but so far, it is the only way I found to get it done. As a simple example, I have a Public group "Inside Sales" setup with Read/Write priviledges on a certain report folder. Mary and John are both part of the group. IF I go to a report within the same folder and try to schedule a future run and add ONLY Mary, I won't be able to. I need to send it to the whole group. NOw, if Mary is part of the Role "Sales manager" by herself, than, I can add the Role to the report folder security and , then, schedule a future send to that Role only.

Weird as SF should let us pick an user whitin a group that has access to the report to have a report besing sent to. Just doesn't work that way. If anyone has an alternative or I am totally mistaken, please post as I'd love to get some reports being sent to the right people.

Pete GarnerPete Garner
I am running into the same issue.  For anyone who is interested, here is a link to the ideas site that addresses this issue.   Hopefully enough people promote this.

Expand User List to all Approved Users in Scheduled Reports

Paul LibensonPaul Libenson
I have the same issue:
My fix -- Use a different browser:

DOES NOT work with Chrome
DOES NOT work with Opera
WORKS with Firefox...

Salesforce  QA people simply forgot all about the need for user experience...
James FoxonJames Foxon
Thanks Paul.  I was having the same issue on chrome - even though the report folder was shared with a public group clicking on the "Email Report To me and/or others..." checkbox didn't do anything.

Tried it in Firefox and it worked fine.
Mayur MehtaMayur Mehta
This search option shows lists of users or public group to whom report folder is individually shared. Suppos if report folder is shared to user A, B, C and a public Group PGroup. For user it will only shows list of user A, B and C and for group it will show only user PGroup. If you want to display other user's name or public group, share the folder with such users/group.