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Michael NgoMichael Ngo 

Error: Custom field index limit exceeded


I'm trying to create a custom field in contacts/leads that will be unique and and external Id but I'm getting the error message:
Error: Custom field index limit exceeded

Is it true that we're only allowed 3 custom field indexes? If so, how can I figure out what is an external id?  Can I not just have it unique at the very least?

Also, I'm trying to have this field set up in Leads and when converted to a contact will carry over to its life as a contact.

thanks in advance,
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 Yeah, it looks like 3 is the max per object

From SFDC Help Docs:

How many External ID's can each object / entity have?

External ID Attribute on Custom Fields 

In the Salesforce CRM user interface, you can identify up to three (3) custom fields on an object as being an external ID field. The field type must be a text, number, or email field. An external ID contains record IDs from a system outside of Salesforce. You can match against this field during importing or integration, or when using the upsert call. Also, external ID fields are indexed, so selective filters on them should run quickly.

Aiden MartinAiden Martin

If you look down through your list of Lead custom fields, you'll see "(External ID)" in the Data Type column of any fields set as an external id.  Have a look at them; perhaps one of them does not actually need to be an External id.

You can still configure a field so that it must be unique even though it is not set as an External ID.  When you click Edit on an existing field, you go straight to the page where that can be done.

If you want a Lead field to be carried over to a Contact field upon conversion, you'll have to set up a custom Lead field and a corresponding Contact field with the same attributes. (ex Text and same length).  On the Lead fields page and you'll see a "Map Lead Fields" button at the top of the custom field lists.  It's then a simple matter of selecting which Lead field converts to which custom Contact field.



Jim KellyJim Kelly
Hi Mike,

This is correct in what you are saying above, On my Org i have had the External ID limits increased to 5 per Object and i believe can be increased again.

You will need to raise a Case to Salesforce Support if you have got there help ensuring that the below has been filled out so that they can then proccess quicker.

i) What Object you would like it on?
ii) How much you would like it extended to?
iii) A genuine business reason
iv) Confirm that you are a system administrator
v) Confirm the org ID for which you would like it extended to?

I hope this helps.