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Suppress table rows and/or data if mail merge field is null

The bulk of our email templates have tables in them to present pertinent information to our customers using mail merge fields. Up until now, it is expected that every field that we have in an email template will have content.

We have just found a need for a conditional field. Basically, there may be extended or additional information relating to a case. However, if that field is not filled out on the case, I don't want it to show at all in the email, rather than just having a blank field. Below is a mockup of what I"m trying to do. If there is no data to be displayed for the  area bordered in red, I'd like to make this entire table (or in other instances, maybe just a row) not appear at all.

Is this doable? Let me know if there is more information or clarification that I can provide. Thanks!

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Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
You may be able to set something up using WFR instead of the standard email templates in Support Settings (remove the templates so they don't auto-send anymore). Not 100% sure this will work with all features of Case, but you could then send a template that does not include a section if it is blank based on criteria.

This is how I have set up a custom object that we use for Dev Requests.
Marcilene ReederMarcilene Reeder

I'm having a similar problem

What are the steps to use the WFR? .
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
For help with Workflow Rules, make sure you check out the Help and Training section first: