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Amy PenningtonAmy Pennington 

Approval process for updating a record

Is there any way to put in an approval process so that changes to specific records have to be approved before taking effect? I would like to make it so that users can update a record. If these updates are approved, then the changes will remain, if the updates are not approved, the older values for the fields will be restored. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Varadarajan RajaramVaradarajan Rajaram
Records in salesforce are posted/updated the moment the transaction is complete. What you may need is to store the values of fields in shadow fields and alert the user that he/she needs to submit the record for approval. THe approval process when completed can copy the values from these shadow fields to the actual fields.

Dawn PlaskonDawn Plaskon
I am looking to implement something similar, except I want to retain the prior content in a prior version.

So, as I visualize a version-controlled approval process,

An auto-number fields would allow a radio butto for version controls.  This would allow configuration of a format for versions (Rev-{000} or V-{000}).

A New Version button becomes avaialable and allows me initiate a new versions of a current record, similar to Clone. But the new version retains its auto-number and increments the version.  This is then sent for approval.  Until approval, the original version remains the version master.

On approval, the original version is superseded by the new version and becomes accessible in a related list of prior versions.

Would something like that address your needs?

I am sure what I proposed could be done with a Visualforce page and Apex coding, but  I am going to post as an idea for future release.

Clayton HamiltonClayton Hamilton
Out of curiosity, did you manage to implement a solution to this?

I need to implement EXACTLY the same scenario as you describe. I can imagine the proposed solution of shadow fields and user's initiating approvals themselves most likely won't work, so I am very interested in hearing if you got this to work.

Erick Weber VoiceErick Weber Voice
Anyone ever have any luck setting up an approval process based on record updates, like the scenario in the initial query?

I have a particular field that, when updated, I want to initiate an approval process that will ultimately allow for that change.

Interesting ideas here about setting up shadow fields or records, but how would these work? Any other options? Thanks for the insight.
Alec DavisAlec Davis
Has anyone had successful with this issue? I need to set up a Approval Process on the Product object, if someone makes a change to a product record I need the change to go into a Approval Process. If Approved the changes remains, if rejected than I need the old valued updated.