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Chuankai ZhouChuankai Zhou 

approval merge field: {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Assignee} or approver

I am trying to make the approval assignment template to show the current assigned approver and the previously approved by, but {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Assignee} or {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver} does not show it correctly(4 steps).

Below is fromhelp & training:
  • Approval process merge fields can be used in email templates, but not mail merge templates.
  • If the email template you choose contains approval merge fields named {!ApprovalRequest.field_name}, these fields will return values only when that email template is used as the approval assignment template. If you use the template for any other email alert action—in either workflow rules or approval processes—the merge fields will return a null value.
  • In a multi-step approval process:
    • Merge fields in the approval request email are set to the submitter's name and the name of the first step.
    • When the request is approved, the merge fields update to the most recent approver's name and the name of the second step.
    • For subsequent actions, merge field values are updated based on the previous completed step.
This does not make any sense to me --- why use submitter's name, or most recent approver's name or previous completed step, why not the CURRENT assigned to approver's name???

Ellie Mae ServicesEllie Mae Services
This is crazy. I am just trying to send an email template, "Approved Quote Notification",  that alerts a sales team group that Opportunity X was approved by Manager Y and cannot use {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver}. If any one has any ideas on how else to do this let me know.  
Manish ThaduriManish Thaduri
Exactly!  Makes no sense.  This is wrong.
Manish ThaduriManish Thaduri
Any alternative work arounds for this? Please let me know.

Chris UttleyChris Uttley

Just wondering if anyone has resolved this.
I want to send an email alert when something is approved, but in that email I want to include the name of the person that did the approving. I dont know which merge fields I can use that would give this information.

i have a one step approval process. I added {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Assignee} and {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver} to my email, but these are both showing the name of the person that submitted the approval request.

Matthieu RemyMatthieu Remy
Same requirement and problem as Chris. How to display in the email the name of the person the approval notification is sent to?
Ditto Chris and Matthieu's problem!
Kim IngallsKim Ingalls
I had a ton of trouble with this, and found a workaround to it- use {!User.Name} instead of {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver}. In either the email or you can save it into a text field with a field update as the last step of the approval process. Because the user who approved it is the current user, you can get any data you need that way, if {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver} isnt working for you.
Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma
What I did to resolve this:
1. I created a new User lookup field object. I populated this in Initial Submission Action with the Next Approver name.
2. Now In each approval step, In the approval action, I updated that user lookup field with the next Approvar Name.
3. Updated email template to use the User Lookup field to get the Approver name.
Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma
Here I have written in details:
Jiahuan XUJiahuan XU
Vote for this as well! It will be really helpful.
Dave VisserDave Visser
Thanks Kim Healy - your solution worked for me!
Lisa SouletLisa Soulet
Wondering if there are any updates for this issue?  I am trying to create an email template using the merge field {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Approver} - to specify who the approval has been sent to.  Neither this nor {!ApprovalRequest.Process_Assignee} is working in any of the tests I have performed.  Is this non-functional at this point in Lightning?
Heather GrahamHeather Graham
Please vote for this idea:
Approval Process: Need "Next Approver" and "Next Step" Fields for Email Templates
David CornsDavid Corns
Can't believe this basic functionality is not available in the standard Approval process setup.
Deepti KandpileDeepti Kandpile
any resolution on this???