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Jim KellyJim Kelly 



Hoping someone can help with this issue, On my Org i have 3 (Very Soon 4) Competing Business's and i am looking for a way where as when a user from one Company is looking to assign a Lead,Opportunity, Case etc to a Queue that they do NOT even see the names of the other Companys Queues ?

Any Help is much appreciated with this.


Tom FoxTom Fox
Create Lead Assignment Rules.  THen you have a field that has 3 (soon to be 4 values).  When User X selects value X, Lead assignment rules will fire and reassign to the appropriate queue, regardless of whether or not User X can see that queue.
Jim KellyJim Kelly
Apologies, have just realised that i didnt finish off the problem i had and i posted, I want to try and stop Users from Seeing Certain Queues from Other Alliances rather then assign the Lead etc to a Queue ??
Tom FoxTom Fox
If i understand correctly, you currently have users able to see leads owned by any of the 4 queues?  And, your goal is to make it so Leads assigned to a Queue are visible to a certain group of users?  Is this correct?

If so, then you need to look at the permission settings that you have in the following areas...

the queues themselves (make sure that ONLY the appropriate Profiles/Groups/Roles/Users are members of the queue)
profile object rights (namely, view all on the lead object or the "View All" Global setting)
then you need to look at the settings in 'Sharing Rights' (are leads globally set to private? if not, you will need to set them to that and then create sharing rights for what leads roles/profiles CAN view.  Perhaps you have Leads set globally to "private" but have sharing settings that allow all Users to view Leads in these three queues)

let me know if I understand your issue correctly.
Jim KellyJim Kelly
We already have the security in place where as the Leads etc are only viewed by there correct Business via the Sharing rules.

But what i am looing for is; a user has an option to assign a Lead etc to a Specific Queue so a team of Users can work together as a team but when they have the option to assign it to the a Queue they can see all Queue Names, they cannot see any data as this is just the assigning of the Lead and i only want the user to see selected Queues.

Apologies if i am still not making it clear enough.
Tom FoxTom Fox
i understand the issue.  You care about the name of Queues being visible when a User looks at all of the Queue Names whilst changing the Lead Owner.

I will have to think about this.  My first reaction is that you cannot change that behavior of SF.  But, I will need to take a look when I have a second to see if there is anyway to govern this. 

Can I ask why these names appearing is undesirable?  Is it possible to give the queues some other, non-descript name like "Queue 1".  Then, you could design views that give the appropriate description (a List View named "Widget Prospects" shows all Leads owned by "Queue 1").  I'm not saying this resolves your issue, I'm just trying to imagine what the business objective is and explain why knowing that would be helpful.
stratus sysadminstratus sysadmin
 We too have the same concern. Although ours is for case management - there are privacy issues where companies should not have visibility in to other companies providing our product support.. etc.

I just created Idea for this, you can vote for this Idea  -  Restrict Queue visibility to certain Groups/Users in Salesforce? (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000l2PVAAY)