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Chris KutneyChris Kutney 

Can I Use Salesforce to automatically send out emails to customers that subscrib



I have a series of email templates that I would like send out to customers based on their status. For example, after creating an account, could I set up salesforce to automatically send an email to the email on record? Or could the completion/creation of a task trigger the automatic sending of an email to a client?


Any advice is much appreciated!




Marina MartinMarina Martin
You can do this with workflow rules if you have Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited Edition.

Under Setup > App Setup > Create > Workflows & Approvals

Create a new workflow rule and then set an email alert to go out based on your criteria. For the first example you mentioned, you'd want to set your workflow rule to run on Accounts "only when a record is created" and the status = "your status here."

You need to make an email template first before being able to trigger an email alert. You can do that under Setup > Administration Setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates

Triggering a workflow rule based on the completion of a task is harder and requires custom code. Perhaps someone else can chime in with an AppExchange suggestion that can accomplish this -- I've tried Action Plans but it frequently broke in my developer account, so I don't necessarily recommend it.
Pragya KumariPragya Kumari
From workflow we can send the email to the client.

Create a workflow rule and add the email alert  acttion.
In email alert select the "recipient type" as "Email field", this will bring the list of Email field of your object and than you can select the Email filed where the email address of client is recorded.
Olivier WienerOlivier Wiener
I was trying to do this but and it wasn't working until I changed some settings in Administer>Email Administration>Deliverability>Access to Send Email, access level should be set to "All email". Hope this helps
Jay AJay A
Something similar to what I'm trying to achieve. It's just that I don't know how to get the client emails using the email field. Link to my post is here:

Hope I'm not going against the rules by posting on this one. I just found this to be similar to my problem.

Singhui NgSinghui Ng
Hi there,

We are selling wallpapers online and requires customers to enquire to get a quotation. Based on the wall height and width, I created a new workflow rule that triggers the automatic quotation to a client. We would like to personalise our send name. Instead of "", we would like our send name to be e.g. " Daniel | Hello Circus" Is that possible? How can we do that?

Thank you for your help!

Jimmy HikmatullahJimmy Hikmatullah
Hey Singhui,

You can create a Classic Email Template and then use that template in Email Alerts. Here is a tutorial ( for it.