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Carlos CousinCarlos Cousin 

Where can I download the Apex Data Loader?

I looked every where for it and I can't seem to find it.
Colin KenworthyColin Kenworthy
Its in the admin menus:

Setup > Administration Setup > Data Management > Data Loader
Javier GonzalezJavier Gonzalez
Setup > Administration Setup > Data Management > Data Loader

Assuming that you have Enterprise Edition or above.
Colin KenworthyColin Kenworthy
... and also in Developer Edition.
William CobbettWilliam Cobbett
And if you want any of the previous versions I recently uploaded them here: http://www.cloudsuccess.com/resource-centre/apex-data-loader-archive/
Kathy DiMarcoKathy DiMarco
thx--- helped.
Pamela LoPamela Lo
Spot on. Thanks.
Tracy EricksenTracy Ericksen
What about professional version?
Ed SmithEd Smith
I cannot find a download link here

I think the correct place to download is as above, via the setup menu.
VenkataSathwick SivvalaVenkataSathwick Sivvala
Its under setup->Data Management->Data Loader in developer edition

Data Loader - Developer Edition
Robert DrollingerRobert Drollinger
If you don't see it at setup->Data Management->Data Loader then you need to either try accessing it from a sandbox that you have more permissions in or from a Developer account that you created.