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Nick LoeserNick Loeser 

Reporting on Activities, Can't tell the difference


I am trying to report on activities and I am really confused as to how to tell the difference between a call, email, merged document (quote letter) and meeting. For some reason, the "Type" field is not available in reports. Obviously, if I look at email history I can usually tell what it is based on what is in the "Subject" line, but I can't build the report that way because sales people put all sorts of things in the subject line.

Here is what I was thinking. Create a custom field that shows up on the Log Call, Log Meeting, and Log (email/merged doc) activity screens and have the user select what type it is. There must be a better way.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
What kind of activity report are you running? Activity Type is available for me if I create a Tasks and Events report.
Francis DelusongFrancis Delusong
This is what I have done.  I found it difficult to identify what is a logged call and what is a task completed.

So on the standard status field, I included the following values.


Task Not Started - Default
Completed (Logged Call) - Closed
Task Completed - Closed

So now when users log a call, it is automatically is logged as Completed (Logged Call).

However whenever they create a task and they close the task, they are trained to use Task Completed.

So when reporting is done, you can easily identify what is a logged call vs. Completed task vs Open Task.

Event's well...they are simply events.  As soon as the end date passes it is a completed event.

So depending on what you are reporting on, you can easily know what activity is what.  Activity logging, Tasks and Events.

Not sure if that is the best practice however it has worked for me and managment is fine with that type of reporting.

In the beginning, it will take time for users to correctly select the status values but over time they will learn.

Nick LoeserNick Loeser
Thanks for your help, guys!
Francis DelusongFrancis Delusong
NP - I am curious..What did you end up doing to resolve your issue or are you still identifying the best method for your situation.
Nick LoeserNick Loeser
I haven't really found a solution yet. I am waiting for there to be a bit more data to look at in the system so I can compare meetings, calls, merged docs...etc. to find the best way to clasify them.

It is very frustrating, however, it seems like something that shouldn't need a custom solution!

Thanks again