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how much space do I have to save attachments such as word in Salesforce

The word documents are 2 - 3 MB a piece
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Available in: All Editions

User Permissions Needed
To view storage usage:“Manage Users”
Storage is divided into two categories: data storage and file storage. File storage includes files in attachments, the Documents tab, the Files tab, the File field, Salesforce CRM Content, Chatter (including user photos), and Siteforce assets. Data storage includes the following:
  • Accounts
  • Article types (format: “[Article Type Name]”)
  • Article type translations (format: “[Article Type Name] Version”)
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign Members
  • Cases
  • Case Teams
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Custom objects
  • Email messages
  • Events
  • Forecast items
  • Google docs
  • Ideas
  • Leads
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Quote Template Rich Text Data
  • Solutions
  • Tags: Tag applications
  • Tags: Unique tags
  • Tasks

Data storage and file storage are calculated asynchronously, so if you import or add a large number of records or files, your organization’s storage usage will not be updated immediately.

Storage Capacity

Each Edition includes a minimum amount of data storage and file storage. Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions receive a per-user storage amount multiplied by the number of users in the organization if the result is greater than the minimum storage amount. Using data storage as an example, an Enterprise Edition organization with 600 users would receive 12,000 MB (12 GB) of data storage, because 20 MB per user multiplied by 600 users is 12,000 MB. A smaller organization, for example a Professional Edition organization with 20 users, would receive 1 GB of data storage because 20 MB per user multiplied by 20 users is only 400 MB, which is less than the 1 GB minimum allotted to all Professional Edition organizations.

The values in the Storage Allocation Per User License column below apply to Salesforce and Salesforce Platform user licenses.

The only feature license that provides additional storage is Salesforce CRM Content User. Each Salesforce CRM Content User license provides an additional 512 MB of file storage, whether Salesforce CRM Content is enabled or not, bringing the total file storage allocation per user to 612 MB. To find out whether your organization has Salesforce CRM Content enabled, contact your administrator.
Salesforce EditionData Storage Minimum per OrganizationFile Storage Minimum per OrganizationStorage Allocation Per User License
Personal20 MB (approximately 10,000 records)20 MBN/A
Contact Manager1 GB11 GB20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Group1 GB11 GB20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Professional1 GB11 GB20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Enterprise1 GB, plus 5 MB for each Gold Partner license11 GB20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Unlimited1 GB, plus 5 MB for each Gold Partner license11 GB120 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Developer5 MB20 MBN/A

If your organization uses custom user licenses, contact to determine if these licenses provide additional storage. For a description of user licenses, see Viewing User License Types.

Viewing Storage Usage

To view your organization’s current storage usage click Your Name | Setup | Data Management | Storage Usage. You can view the available space for data storage and file storage, the amount of storage in use per record type, the top users according to storage utilization, and the largest files in order of size. To view what types of data a particular user is storing, click that user’s name.

In all Editions except Personal Edition, administrators can view storage usage on a user-by-user basis:
  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Manage Users | Users.
  2. Click the name of any user.
  3. Click View next to the Used Data Space or Used File Space fields to view that user’s storage usage by record type.

Individual users can view their own storage usage in their personal information (see Editing Your Personal Information).

Increasing Storage

When your organization has reached its storage limit, you will not be able to create any new data or upload new files. To reduce your storage usage, try to delete any outdated leads or contacts and remove any unnecessary attachments. In Salesforce CRM Content, delete files to reduce your storage limit.

To increase your storage limit, you can purchase additional storage space, or in Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions, you can also add user licenses. See Adding or Subtracting User Licenses.

Storage Considerations

Take the following into consideration when planning your storage needs:
  • Person accounts count against both account and contact storage because the API considers each person account to consist of one account as well as one contact.
  • Archived activities count against storage.
  • Nothing that is deleted counts against storage.
  • Active or archived products, price books, price book entries, and assets do not count against storage.
Martijn ReekmansMartijn Reekmans
Too see how much space you are currently using, go to:

Setup >> Admin Setup >> Data Management >> Storage usage

(Word documents count against your file storage)