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Reid Smith-VanizReid Smith-Vaniz 

Security Tokens | How can I see this button?

Here is the help answer.... the last paragraph does not inidicate a next step.... can you help?


A security token is an automatically generated key that you must add to the end of your password in order to log in to Salesforce from an untrusted network. For example, if your password is mypassword, and your security token is XXXXXXXXXX, then you must enter mypasswordXXXXXXXXXX to log in. Security tokens are required whether you log in via the API or a desktop client such as Connect for Outlook, Connect Offline, Connect for Office, Connect for Lotus Notes, or the Data Loader.

You are offered a security token if you try to access Salesforce from an untrusted network. Once you have been issued a security token, you have the option to reset this security token at any time.

To reset your security token, click Your Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Reset Security Token, and click the Reset Security Token button. The new security token is sent via email to the email address on your Salesforce user record.

If you have never been offered a security token, for example, because your organization restricts the IP addresses from which you can log in, the Reset Security Token node does not appear in Setup.

Steve MolisSteve Molis
Contact your SFDC Admin to see if Login IP Restrictions are enabled on your SFDC Org.  

Restricting Login IP Ranges for Your Organization

Available in: All Editions

User Permissions Needed
To view network access:“Login Challenge Enabled”
To change network access:“Manage Users”

To help protect your organization's data from unauthorized access, you can specify a list of IP addresses from which users can always log in without receiving a login challenge:

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Security Controls | Network Access.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a valid IP address in the Start IP Address field and a higher IP address in the End IP Address field.

    The start and end addresses define the range of allowable IP addresses from which users can log in. If you want to allow logins from a single IP address, enter the same address in both fields. For example, to allow logins from only, enter as both the start and end addresses.

    The start and end IP addresses must include no more than 33,554,432 addresses (225). For example, the following ranges are valid:

    • to
    • to
    • to

    However, ranges like to or to are too large.

  4. Click Save.
For organizations that were activated before December 2007, Salesforce automatically populated your organization's trusted IP address list in December 2007, when this feature was introduced. The IP addresses from which trusted users had already accessed Salesforce during the past six months were added.
Reid Smith-VanizReid Smith-Vaniz

- I rec'd this answer....Contact your SFDC Admin to see if Login IP Restrictions are enabled on your SFDC Org.  

It sounds like I need to remove the restrictions to gain access to the button to regenerated the token.   Correct?  If so how do I remove the restrictions?

Steve MolisSteve Molis
Are you the Admin of your SFDC Org?
Reid Smith-VanizReid Smith-Vaniz
I am this admin btw - just a newbie
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Okay if you're just getting started as an SFDC Admin  then you should download the Security Implementation Guide from the Learning Center ->

You should also study the online tutorials, and go to the Developerforce website and sign up for a Free Developer SFDC Org ->  
then download the Workkbook.  ->