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Karen SorensenKaren Sorensen 

How do you link a person to multiple accounts

We have a person who is associated with mulitiple accounts. Do we need to list him separately under all three, or is there a way to associate a single contact record with multiple accounts? 
Due to the fact that all three accounts have different email addresses (most likely), you will need to link that one Contact to all three different Accounts. If there is some sort of hierarchy between the Accounts though it may be easier to see if you set up Parent/Child relationships between those Accounts.
Carolyne M.Carolyne M.
Annisa EarvolinoAnnisa Earvolino
Related to this,   We have a number of consultants who are our main contact for multiple accounts/opportuniities.  Usually the Consultant will use the same email address throughout. How can I set up the consultant, and her firm as a contact/account and relate it to my client accounts? 
John HernandezJohn Hernandez
We have this problem too.  My solution involved creating a custom object that allowed me to associate a contact from one account with another account.  On the account page layout, below contacts is another related list, "Affilliated Contacts" and on the contact page layout is a related list titled "Affilliated Accounts."  The way this works in real life is that we sometimes sell to parent companies that order on behalf of their subidiaries and we need to keep our contacts straight. HTH
Darren CowleyDarren Cowley
I use "Contact Roles" hanging off the Opportunity to manage this. I will be talking to Project Managers and Estimators at Construction companies about different opportunities for different end users.
I just add them with a Contact Role of Project Manager or Architect or Interior Designer dependant on their role in the opportunity. Hope thats useful-}
Lynn Magers-PardoLynn Magers-Pardo
Hello John and Darren,

Both of your solutions are inspiring for me, because we have similar situations to both of your examples: 
  1. Similar to John - We have parent companies that order on behalf of their subsidiaries or sattelite locations.
    1. If at all possible, John, I would greatly appreciate any tips and tricks for creating and implementing your custom objects  - Affiliated Contacts and Affiliated Accounts. (I'm strictly a point and click admin, but I'm willing to give the custom object creation a shot in order to finally have a solution like yours.)  
  2. Similar to Darren - We have have customers who work directly with us as a servoce aggregator for their individual customers.  We need to have SFDC account records for insight into their customers' needs, but the person(s) who interface with us are located at a different account.
Thanks again, for both of your suggestions.
Paul FuryPaul Fury
There are a several ways to deal with this.  Here is a video to one solution we use:

Also, there is currently a beta for a new way to relate one contact to many accounts