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what is NOT customisable, list of known limitations by feature-set

Hello, I am new to salesforce.com customer community.  And I need some good solid advice on "coming up to speed" quickly.  I have played but now its time to ask.

What I cannot find, is a simple list of what is NOT supported,.  All the doco, is sales style, (including developer guides or administrator guides) that tell me what it CAN DO.  But I would find it much more helpful to manage the boundary so to speak.   I think in 3 dimensions when I think of SF.

What sf out of the box

1 - does NOT DO from functionality point of view (that is common and often rather annoying for people who have been using for a while)
e.g. no RUS on Opportunity Contact
e.g. no ability to set default task type when create tasks as default value set to opportunity

there must be at least 100 of these.  100 is not that many. but good to know these upfront, as a watchout.
I am sorta building a list from ideas, whats in coadeshare, whats on appx etc.. But has anyone done such a list?

2- does not allow you to CUSTOMISE (declaratively) of the STANDARD objects
It appears
- no ability to change ANY standard field at the data level e.g. make a field unrequired that is required in standard, make a text field a Picklist, or convert a picklist to radio button,
  You can modify standard fields at UI level e.g. custom help on standard fields or re-label or reposition on page layout. 
  But no change of data type.  and no Lookup or M-D relationships
- appears not ALL standard objects have the same basic CORE FORCE.com functionality e.g. audit history enabled, edit ALL picklist values, modify all related lists (e.g. activity seems no go zone), RecordType not supported on all, Dependent Picklists are not supported on all, file attachments are not supported on all, email alerts may or maynot be supported, mail merge etc...
- appears some standard objects are NOT supported by Workflow e.g. Ideas, Product, Quata, Forecast, Contracts, content, Knowledge articles, answers (but I would love a complete list)
- appears some standard objects are not referenable in the auto routines e.g. web2case or lead2case etc...  how do I find this info without going one by one...

so its like teh app, I used 6 years ago (Call Centre and SFA and Marketing) is essentially the same with a few tweaks. the big change is the force.com platform.  So all the new apps, e.g. REal-time quotes, Content, Ideas, salesforce.com to salesforc.com etc... are not really native force.com apps.

I am looking for a simple matrix table showing me what "additioanl groovy salesforce.com feature is available in that app (possibly object level).  I can create this by methodically reading 6 years of release notes.. but geez... if anyone has anything like this... be greatly appreciateive to send me a link.

3 - does not allow you do expected things on custom objects
e.g. conditional formatting of fields as in excel (workaround is to use iimage fields)
I would say must be at least 200 odd of these, possibly grouped in some intelligent manner.
I am currently going thru open ideas to see this.

but has anyone created a list? 
if not, when I do create it, how do I submit it to this forum?

thankyou for your time.
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
Hello Pure, There is no perfect application out there to server as one size fit all kind of thing. Salesforce have its own limitation just like any other app. 

The important thing is to look at this from your use case perspective. You will find different design patterns to solve different things. Most people log an idea on idea portal if they feel that something should be part of our of the box product https://sites.secure.force.com/success/ideaHome?c=09a30000000D9xtAAC

Are you building this list just by thinking and comparing what you can do in other SaaS based products? or based on road blocks you are facing during your current project?
@sped yasir thanks for the ideas link.
are you from Salesforce or another community member?  I cannot tell, I am sorry.

I did mention I have spent the day in Ideas.  so am comfortable this is where people deposit this info.  the concept of ideas is extremely helpful. not great UX. but content great.
but not a list.....
apologises -- unfortunately you seem to have missed my point. I am not expecting perfect. that shocks me, as I thought that sorta expectation had long gone.
I want to be clear. What does it NOT do. doco is great for what it does.  but managing the boundary is far more helpful as the solution is comprehesive these days.

purpose of the list is so i master salesforce.com.
hence why I like a list of what it does NOT do.  Then I can get to finding workarounds, desiging things for those odd balls.

hope this clears any concern up.

Santosh AsbeSantosh Asbe
There is a limitation cheatsheet which is available http://ap1.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/salesforce_app_limits_cheatsheet.pdf. This always help to plan solutions
@Syed Yasir
thanks for attempting - unfortunately did not find it helpful. 
the link navigates to SF governor limits.  i have those.  sure you keep them in mind.
bp wouldnt be IDEAL to design around the governor limitts.
keep in mind versus design around (very very different)..
my understanding:
governor limits are really your test that are you designing in accordance to industry bp (best practice) -- so if you hit... them... something is up.
my queastion:
is what are the constraints/limitations on the standard objects from 3 viewpoints
click - delcarative world
code - programmatic world.
and of course functional (all the things many people just put up with).  not major but annoying category
so far nothing found. so building it myself.

this is the best link so far, I stumbled on:


the doc is surface only. but best so far
Jon TreskoJon Tresko
I keep this SFDC Limitations Cheat Sheet on my bookmarks bar because I reference it so much!


With a multi-tenant environment, limitations are important to ensure all users have a consistent experience!!

In other words, the limitations help ensure you never have to tell your customer "Sorry, my computer is acting so slow right now, I'm still waiting for your account to load"