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Angeline SchreiberAngeline Schreiber 

IsWon and IsClosed opportunity attributes

I am uploading closed opportunities for a new group that has joined our business segment.  I need to not only upload the active ones, but the closed ones too for reporting purposes.  I am not able to find a way to set the "IsWon" and "IsClosed" attributes to "1", and without these set none of the closed opportunities will show up in any reports or dashboards.

How do I access/where to I access these opportuntiy attributes???
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Those fields should auto-update when you load the data, you just need to map the Stage to an appropriate Closed/Won, Closed/Lost Stage Name on your SFDC org.  

Every Opportunity StageName results in either Open, Closed/Won, or Closed/Lost (no exeptions)
Open:  IsClosed = FALSE, IsWon = FALSE
Closed/Lost:  IsClosed = TRUE, IsWon = FALSE
Closed/Won:  IsClosed = TRUE, IsWon = TRUE
Steve MolisSteve Molis
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Angeline SchreiberAngeline Schreiber
Thanks Stevemo -- my Stagename is uploaded correctly but the "isclosed" and "iswon" are still blank, which is causing all my troubles.  I will try to reupload the Stagename...

Aha, found it.  Thanks.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
So what was it?
Angeline SchreiberAngeline Schreiber
Nope - I still don't have it.  I thought I had used a wrong stage name but even after fixing, i still can't get the Status field to populate.  I am stuck.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
Kelly, can you post a screenshot of your Opportunity Stages like the one I posted, along with a snapshot of the file you are importing?  Also a screenshot of a List View or Report of the records you imported with the Stage next to the Won and Close and Last Modified side-by-side would be helpful. 

Also double-check the spelling and punctuation of the Stage Name on your import file and compare it to the Stages on your SFDC org, they need be an exact match.