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Michelle VanOsdolMichelle VanOsdol 

Can you attach multiple e-mail addresses to a single contact?

We have come across the issue of contacts having multiple e-mail addresses that they communicate to our company with.  In order to keep track of all communications, we would like all of these e-mails added under the contact's name. Is it possible to list multiple e-mail addresses within a contact, and if so, how do you do this? And will Salesforce recognize where the e-mail needs to go when using the "Add to Salesforce" button in Outlook?
Here's a good thread to get you started:
Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi
As of now, you cannot add multiple email addresses in Salesforce for a contact. You can create new fields for storing multiple email addresses but Salesforce will not be recognize where the email needs to go when used with outlook.
Sky LanceSky Lance
When is SalesForce expected to create this functionality of being able to link outlook e-mails sent to more than just the primary e-mail address on file for one contact?  Many (I dare say most) of my contacts have multiple e-mail addresses - and I spend an inordinate amount of time matching the e-mails on the "unresolved items" list to the contact records.  If this is not fixed I may have to stop using Saleforce and go to another solution.  This to me seems basic, basic, basic...for me to be able to hit the "send to Salesforce" button and have an e-mail sent or received linked to a contact's record with that e-mail address on file -- whether it is the first e-mail in the list, or the second or third e-mail address for that contact.