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GA InternsGA Interns 

Can i change color of pie chart on dashboard

When i create a pie chart on dashboard, system automatically assigns color to each quadrant. Can i define my own color's in pie chart.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
What type of field are you grouping your Pie Chart report on?  If it's a picklist you should be able to set the default colors for each picklist value.
Steve MolisSteve Molis

Additional Options for Updating Picklists

Use the following options to edit picklist values.

  • Click Edit next to a value to change the name, make it the default picklist value, assign a color to use on charts, or change additional information.
  • Click Del next to a value to remove it from the picklist.

    Special picklists—such as opportunity Stage, Task Priority, Task Status, Lead Status, and Case Status—may prompt you to map the deleted value to another existing value in all of your organization’s records. You can map the values or leave your existing data unchanged.

  • Click New to add values to the picklist. If you use record types, select any record types that you want to include the new values.
  • Click Reorder to change the sequence of picklist values.
  • Click Replace to change the values of picklist fields in existing records.
  • Click Printable View to open an easy-to-print list of your picklist values.
  • Click Chart Colors and select an option to assign colors to picklist values for use in charts:
    • Assign fixed colors to all values assigns a fixed color to each value from the standard set of chart colors. The Chart Colors column shows the assigned colors. Manually change assigned colors by editing picklist values. For example, if you want Closed Lost values to always show up as red in charts grouped by Opportunity Stage, assign red to that picklist value.
    • Assign colors to values dynamically assigns colors when a chart is generated. The Chart Colors column shows “Assigned dynamically” for all colors. Assign fixed colors by editing picklist values. For example, if you only need certain picklist values to show up as fixed colors in charts, manually assign colors to those values and leave the rest as “Assigned dynamically.”
    Manual assignments are overridden each time you click an option in Chart Colors.Note
    Chart colors aren't available for multi-select picklists, currency picklists, or Task Subject, Event Subject, and Opportunity Competitor picklists.

For organizations using record types, this picklist is a master picklist. You can include some or all of the values from the master picklist in different record types to offer a subset of values to users based on their profile. For instructions on sharing master picklist values across record types, see Managing Record Types.

GA InternsGA Interns
Hey Steve,

The field which i am grouping is a formula field. Can we set default colors for values of formula field? Although thanks for providing guidelines on updating picklist field.

Steve MolisSteve Molis
No, just picklist fields
GA InternsGA Interns
Ok thanks.
Rocky MixRocky Mix
Is anyone looking into adding this function? I see dozens of pages requesting this function with no known solution. 
Brandon ClarkBrandon Clark
I would be really interested in this feature... Not fun having 4 wedges in a pie chart, and 2 of them are similar shades of green... there are plenty of other colors out there that would be better.
K. F.K. F.
We are running into the same issue. Would be great to be able to call out the color of each wedge on a pie or bar chart.