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Heather GeesamanHeather Geesaman 

Email Alert when Status Changes

Is there an email alert that when a Lead Status is changed to Assigned Parter, we can automatically email to the Partner Contact on that account?

Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
There is no Standard Salesforce Functionality like that. however you will need to create one for your org.
Can you check with your System Administrator that it is already set...if not...then I can guide you how to create a workflow which will send Email to Assigned Partner's Contact on Lead when Lead Status is chaged to "Assigned Partner"
Heather GeesamanHeather Geesaman
Thanks Syed, actually I am the Systems Admin and we don't have anything set up yet. If you could help that would be great! This is all very new to me.
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
Do you have goto meeting or team viewer setup where i can login and show you how to do this.?
Heather GeesamanHeather Geesaman
No I do know, is it too difficult to just write down the steps or show screen shots?
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
I can definitely write workflow and email alert steps here but i dont know how you are creating relationship between partner Account and Lead record. 

Try this
0. Create and Email Field and get Partner Contact's Email Address. (I assume you already have this)
1. Goto Setup | Create | Workflow and Approval | Workflow Rule| Click on New Rule
2. Select Object as "Lead" in this page and click next 
3. Set the Criteria as in screen shot. .. Click on Save&Next
User-added image

4. Click on "Add Workflow Action" and Select "New Email Alert"
5. Give Email Alert suitable name and Template you want to use for outgoing email. Select Recepient Type as Email Field and Select Partner Contact's Email field in selected recepient (see Screen Shot)
6. Click on Save...then Click on Done... then Click on Activate. 

I hope this helps...let me know if you need futher help.