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Walter WongWalter Wong 

How do I reset my password when I'm the system administrator?

I recently made a new account and received an email with instructions telling me to set the password and password question. However, upon clicking the link provided I was already being asked to provide a password. Upon clicking the forgotten password link, I was asked to answer the password question which I had not actually set. It then tells me that if I encounter more problems, i should contact my system administrator.

That solution can't help because it's just a new account, and I'm the sys ad. I've made a new account as of now, but this makes it messy and I've had to resort to a different username than what I was supposed to be using. I  would like to be able to use the username created originally instead of having to use a new one that isn't the same as my email. 

Is it possible to reset the password, or can I have a particular username disabled?
Shailesh DeshpandeShailesh Deshpande
When you first create your account, you receive an email which contains a link. On clicking this link, you are asked to set the new password + password question + password answer. Did you not do this?
Ibtesamuddin MohammedIbtesamuddin Mohammed
+1 Shailesh,
You should try to recover the email which came to you at first. then set your password.
Walter WongWalter Wong
So that's the problem. After first signing up, I clicked the link and it never asked me to set the password or the password question - for some reason there was already a password and question.

If there's another way to recover or reset this account without knowing either the password or password question, please let me know. I would really just like to recover the username being used.
Jeff MayJeff May
You can do a couple of things.  Assuming you can still login as your original Admin user.

1)  For the user record that you can't use, just edit it and change the Username to something else. It doesn't have to match the email address so you could change it to  Then mark the user as Inactive.  You can now use the old username on a new User in the org.

2)  On the user record, click the 'reset password'.

If this is a dev org, then when you requested it, you were taken to a SFDC login screen.  This is not the same screen as provided in the email link.  Close those windows, click on the link and if you've never been in the org before, you'll get the screen prompts.

Lastly, if you really can't get in, just get another dev org. You can use the same email address in both, but add something to your username (like '.dev')
Jared PaulJared Paul
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Heidi RamichHeidi Ramich
Hi  everyone,

I have a similar problem.  I have a developer account that I use for demo purposes.  I need to reset my password but I can't.  I am the system admin.   SFDC is telling me that the answer to my challenge question is wrong.  Which mean I must have fat fingered the answer I provided.   So I can I reset my password now?  I can get a different challenge question?
Kalpana BalakrishnanKalpana Balakrishnan

A friend of mine has similar problem.

Created a developer account and now forgot the password and the answer to the security question. Any idea how to reset the password? There are no users for that account.

Would appreciate your help?

Thanks in advance.
Amit GuptaAmit Gupta
Hi All,

In this scenerio, you can do 1 thing call customer support and tell them your user name. They will ask you 1 or 2 questions to verify your identity and they will reset the password for you.

Salesforce Support Contact numbers are listed at-

Hope it helps. 

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Claudio BucalossiClaudio Bucalossi
if you still have the email you got the first you create the account you can use that link to reset your password without security question. And you can re input your security question as well.
Allegra VieuxAllegra Vieux
I'm having the same problem, except when I click the link to reset my password it doesn't send anything. However, I got an email that said my account was suspended from too many failed attempts to log-in. 
Joseph CallenderJoseph Callender
I just resolved this issue for myself. I had not logged in in awhile so my password expired and it would not accept my security question answer. I was stuck in the perpetual loop of not being able to file a support case because I could not log in. 

I decided to try option 3 on the support phone line to see if I could get a live person. It worked.

It turns out that being the only system admin and not being able to log in is considered a critical issue. When you call standard support, choose option # 3 (All users can't log in) and inform them that you are the only system admin and can't log in. 
Priyank DimriPriyank Dimri
Try setting or resetting the password via Workbench using the below link :

Use your user id and set a password. To fetch the user id : log into workbench and hover the mouse over 'info' tab at top of the page and select 'session information' > User > User id (starting with 005).

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Rajesh Maheshwar SinghRajesh Maheshwar Singh
Try setting or resetting the password via Developer console by following the below steps:
Simply open up the developer console from the menu option from your name.

Press Ctrl+E i.e. anonymous window and Execute the below code

system.resetPassword(String.valueOf('YourSFDCUserID'), true);

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