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James HaworthJames Haworth 

Any way of removing email signatures/disclaimers from Email-to-Case?

We have just set up Email To Case and I was wondering if there was a clever way of removing an email signature or disclaimer from the message, before it populates a new case.

Sometimes 90% of a Case description can be the signature and disclaimer...
Anesh MistryAnesh Mistry

two options you have is either:

1) Use Email to Case as your do today and setup a batch apex to go through all the new cases and remove signatures and disclaimers, or;

2) Do not use email to case, and use the same utility as 1) but process the email as it comes in

I would recommed that which ever option you choose your apex class should
  • Store the full dmail in anouther field and use the Case description as the cut down version
  • Use the Customers Name to decide when a signature starts i.e. if you are getting an email from John Smith then look for the words "John Smith" and remove everything after. Be careful with this and make sure you train as its not 100%
  • Make sure that if the customer is forwarding an email then you don't remove the signature. Insthis case the customers name would appear early in the email as the whole desction is blank
I would go back and question why you need this, is it space or that the case worker needs to quickly get to the core of the email?

Unfortuanly there is no solution that will work 100% since email signatures and notices are normally a part of the email body with no means to spearate from the original message.

Stuart McKitrickStuart McKitrick
I have been trying to figure this same thing out.  The reason from my end is reporting.  Managers, VPs, and Sales Reps want to see reports of cases created. They would like to see the description as part of that report. However, the signatures from the emails that are coming in make that report very cluttered.  Removing the signatures on most of the email cases would clean that up quite a bit.
Elizabeth SmithElizabeth Smith
I'm having this same issues.  Currently our own internal disclaimer after staff signature is the biggest issue.  Since it is standardized, I am trying a Workflow Field Update with SUBSTITUTE(Description, "NOTICE: ...", "DISCLAIMER")