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Ken MeltonKen Melton 

How do I find my security token?

Shell BlackShell Black
At the top navigation bar go to your name > Setup > Personal Setup > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token.

This is how you use it. If your password is mypassword, and your security token is XXXXXXXXXX, then you must enter mypasswordXXXXXXXXXX to log in. Security tokens are required whether you log in via the API or a desktop client such as Connect for Outlook,Connect OfflineConnect for OfficeConnect for Lotus Notes, or the Data Loader.

I hope that helps!

providencefamily farmprovidencefamily farm
I dont see 'reset my security token' under my personal information
my login is already the administrator

please help

Al GeronaAl Gerona
We have to reset the security token just to see what it is?
Guy EamesGuy Eames
Why do we need to reset to see what it is? that way we lose all the other apps? doesn't make sense at all!
Ken BraggKen Bragg
This answered my question - I guess just because I wanted to create one. By the way it get's email to you.  I think its normal not to show the token for security reasons- you generate one and then use it in the app. Our own software works the same way.
Arun Chandran CArun Chandran C

Login to your orgnistaion and Navigate to At the top navigation bar go to <your name > My Settings > Personal  >  Reset My Security Token.

And click on "Reset Security Token".Clicking the button invalidates your existing token. After resetting your token, It will be mail to the user mai ID

I hope this will help.

Virendra ChouhanVirendra Chouhan
1. Go to you name click
2. Select My Profile
3. Select Personal
4.Sixth option is "Reset My Security Token"

You can use it for Third party application like Eclips and many more...
Michael GlennMichael Glenn
I thought I'd provide an answer to this since I just figured it out myself.  I had the same problem.  It turns out the "Reset Security Token" link will not appear, if your user "profile" has ip address restrictions.  I was made an admin, and the admin profile had the restricted range of to, which I guess allows access from anywhere, but as a side effect it turns off that reset security token link.  The idea is, security tokens are not required for api calls made from "trusted" networks (i.e. ip addresses within the restricted range).

Turns out, I'm using a 3rd party component that requires the use of a token!  So I'm going to have to switch to a non-admin profile. (and/or slap the guy who decided to set our trusted ip range to the entire universe!)
TCA TechTCA Tech
I guess the UI has changed a bit. I had to go to "My Settings" instead of "My Profile"
Vince RVince R
Near the top on the right side you should see your user name.  It will be a dropdown menu.  On the menu, "My Settings" should be there... select it.

Your personal panel should now be displayed.  On the left side is a button titled 'Personal'.  Select that. Below that 'Reset My Security Token' should be available.  

Select that and you can follow the instructions from there.
Zac OteroZac Otero
The only way that I have found to access your CURRENT Security Token is to search the inbox of the email that it was initially sent to. Provided, of course, that the email hasn't been deleted. 
Yasar ShaikhYasar Shaikh
All the answers are the right, about the navigation to "Reset Security Token". 
 But it will not work, if you have set "Login IP Ranges". So first delete that Login IP ranges, and get the security token and then again add Login IP Ranges. 
roy garciaroy garcia
@Yasar Shaikh is right, this dont work if you have ranges assigned to your profile, just delete it and go back to the click paths noted on this thread then you will find it
Mukesh KumarMukesh Kumar
Is there a way to get existing token, without resetting the current token?
Kanika DuaKanika Dua
@Vince Thanks It worked For me
Neel Kamal SinghNeel Kamal Singh
Additionally, token reset option may be missing in orgs that have SSO enabled.
Fabrice CathalaFabrice Cathala
@[Mukesh Kumar] no, there's no way to get an existing Security Token without resetting it.. 
Docusign ConnectDocusign Connect
When you get a new token, copy/paste it into a field on the admin. user, to keep a record of it for future use.
Jobin ThomasJobin Thomas
I found the below answer from other thread...

shibi vargeeseshibi vargeese
This work around works when there is ip restrictions.
Jason NeriJason Neri
so you mean to tell me that if i have 10 apps connected to salesforce and then want to add 1 more and do not have the original token saved, ill have to go find and update all the other apps with a new token?   how is that supposed to be helpful? apparently everyone that uses salesforce only works with one developer and they need to save their token someplace NOT secure so they can readily dole it out to new developers... you have made the system LESS secure and are promoting BAD security because now the users will save the token in insecure places to avoid this issue.   here is an idea... allow multiple tokens.. wooaaaaaaa  mind blown.. just like every other decent api on the web.
Jason NeriJason Neri
I dont understand why at every step of the process the force api tries to reinvent the wheel.  SMH
Jamal AhoujilJamal Ahoujil
I can't find the option "Reset My Security Token" in "My Personal Information". Has it been removed or are there modifications needed in admin settings? 

Thanks in advance. 
Carl AlbertoCarl Alberto
As of 2018. It seems it now changed to:

1. From the top, go to you name click
2. Select My Settings
3. On the left menu, click Personal
4.Sixth option is "Reset My Security Token"
Vinod PreetVinod Preet
Info from SF help site:
Nirvik MitterNirvik Mitter
Follow the steps below first:
Follow the steps as per the screenshot first.
Then do this:
Check your email inbox for an email from “” with the subject line “Your new Salesforce security token”. That's it!
DBAgent GatanDBAgent Gatan
https://[your salesforce domain]/_ui/system/security/ResetApiTokenEdit will take you to the actual reset page.
Mohamed BilalMohamed Bilal
If you don't have option to Reset My Security Token means you can connect API without security token.

User-added image
Please check without security token!!!
Manish SuroliaManish Surolia

This video can be helful for people trying to reset the security token in lightining.

suraj kadamsuraj kadam
You can find better result on bellow link -
Frank SockFrank Sock
When your security token is reset SF will send you an email with the new token, so if you want to access your security token without resetting it, you can try and find the original email that you recieved.  If you can't find that email you'll need to reset the token.
Jose Gilberto MullorJose Gilberto Mullor
The answer from @DBAgent is the one that actually solved my problem. I hadn't either any visible option. 
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