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Brad HollatzBrad Hollatz 

Task History Tracking

  I would like to track the changes of fields on a task similar to Cases, Accounts, etc.  What would be the best solution for this?  I have read that some have created a custom object and populate it through a trigger.  Is there an app or another way to go about tracking changes to fields on tasks for auditing?
Haribabu AmudalapalliHaribabu Amudalapalli
Hai Brad,

   History tracking is the best way, we can see the changes to that task on the detail page of that task,but in the case of Object,we need to wite some apex code to store that details.

Haribabu Amudalapalli
Ben FordBen Ford

The "History Tracking for Tasks" is now available through the Smart-Activity-Manager app.

More details: http://www.mass-update.com/2015/10/track-field-history-for-tasks.html


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Ben FordBen Ford
With zaapit you can track task history in Salesforce lightning / classic +  you can generate reports & smart reports with mass actions for any data (image#1):


Task History

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aishwarya subhlokaishwarya subhlok
Hi Brad,

Check Ultra FieldHistory Tracker app on appExchange, this application allows the field tracking on task Object.
Ultra FieldHistory Tracker provides an advanced field history tracking in Salesforce.com beyond the standard Salesforce.com limits.

Salient Features include:
  • It does not consume Org’s data storage space.
  • Forever Retention of Audited Data.
  • Track unlimited fields including standard, custom objects.
  • Deleted Record tracking.
  • Notification on Critical Field Updates.
  • Support for complex data types includes Formula, Rollup Summary, Long Text Area, etc.
  • Data does not leave the org for processing or even storage.
  • Compatible with Salesforce Shield, Additional AES Encryption.
  • Neat, Out of the box reporting on Audited Data.
  • Lightning Compatible.
Here is the link to Ultra FieldHistory Tracker on appExchange: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EvWmjUAF

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