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Aref ShehadehAref Shehadeh 

Default Value on Standard Field

I've seen a couple similar questions, but the answers haven't satisfied what I need!

Im trying to set a default value to "Contract Start Date" to today(), but since it's a standard field I am not sure where to change it. Are there additional settings for standard fields?
Keith WallaceKeith Wallace
The closest I've come to a "default date" for a standard field is to create worfklow rule that sets the value to TODAY when it's left blank.
Aref ShehadehAref Shehadeh
Thanks Keith.

From the perspective of a sales rep the data should be prepopulated when the record is created instead of after it is saved. There has to be a solution.
Adam MarksAdam Marks
Most standard fields have very limited changeability. Best solution I can think of is to create a field update workflow rule that fires when the record is new and if the date is left blank will add in the current days date.
Keith WallaceKeith Wallace
I fully undertand what you want to do... and it's an idea for which you can vote:

I'm not well versed in triggers, but you could ask this question on the developer board to see if a trigger could pre-load the Contract Start Date field for you.

Another alterantive would be to remove the standard Contract Start field from use (i.e. hide it) and use a Customer Contract Start date field which you could have a default value autopopulate.